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The Once in a Lifetime Solstice Moon

This year's December 22 winter solstice coincided with a full moon, a combination that happens only every three decades or so. But that's not the only celestial oddity for the day: The moon also reached perigee, its closest point to the Earth. So this solstice, which brought together the year's lowest sun and longest night, came at the same time as the closest moon - and a full moon to boot. The last time the full moon lunar perigee, and winter solstice fell on the same day was in 1866. Even then the moon merely reached its closest approach of the month. On December 22, the moon was at its nearest point of the year. It's the kind of event that drove primitive cultures bonkers.
A full moon rose just as the sun went down at its leftmost position of the year along the horizon. This exceptionally plump moon seemed 14 percent wider than it appeared when it was at apogee, its farthest point from Earth, on December 8. And, it is also only ten days from the Earth's perihelion, its closest point to the Sun. Since the Moon shines with reflected sunlight the moon appeared 7% brighter than usual. This was probably the biggest, brightest moon of the Millennium as well as its last.
Here we are posting some pictures of that amazing Moon. If you took any exceptional pictures, we would love to see them, and with your permission, post them.(Giving you full credit, of course)
Our God reborn, this longest night
Bringing with him warming light.

With Mother Moon in fullest flower
The Sun returns with growing power

We welcome You with light and love,
With all below and above.

As the Wheel dost turn with its steady pace
All life dost praise your infinite grace.

Welcome Lugh, once more reborn.
Our blessed Goddess no longer mourns.

Grow with warmth and glow with light,
Oh great Lugh, this Yuletide Night.

These photos sent to us by "SevenSinsAtOnce", a great friend, and a great photographer.