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Tools can be anything that you're comfortable working with. I know some people who like the ornate and expensive. While these are nice, they're not what makes the Magick, you are.

Get yourself a little notebook of some sort. With this you can document what you've done, what's worked and what hasn't. This is generally called a 'Book of Shadows'. Treat this book as a diary that no one else should see.

The athame is a ritual knife used to absorb and direct energy. The athame is usually the most personal of objects used, often having pagan symbols carved into it's black handle. The athame is a tool of change, a commanding tool.

The wand can be used to invoke the Gods, being a much more gentle tool than the athame. Wands can be made of almost any material. Whatever feels right for you will work best for you.

The censor is a fireproof container used to ignite and burn incense for rituals or spells. Incense can be burned in different combinations for spells, or to cleanse and consecrate your sacred space.

The bowl can be made of any type of material. Water and Salt are often kept in bowls on your altar. They can also be used to hold flowers, corn, stones, oil, etc.

The cauldron can be used for incense, or for the mixing of herbs for healing or spells.

The pentacle is a circular disk upon which a pentagram is engraved, etched, or painted. It is used to hold items during consecration.

Candles are used in spells and rituals as symbols of certain objects or Gods. Different colors have different properties.

Idols are statues or other representations of how you see your Gods.

The altar is a place or object upon which your sacred items are placed. They are used as a focal point for worship or ritual. They are the place where energy is focused or released. When performing spells, your altar is your workbench. An altar can be any horizontal surface that you choose to set aside as such.

The chalice is a ritual cup of wood, stone, glass, or metal. It usually will contain water, juice, or wine.


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