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In Magick and Divination

In ancient times the runes were used by the Nordic and Germanic tribes of Northern Europe. There were several different runic alphabets in use, but the most widely used and the one most recognized today is the Germanic or Elder FUTHARK. This alphabet receives its name from the first six letters- F, U, TH, A, R, and K. It consists of 24 letters divided into three groups of eight called Freya's Eight, Hagall's Eight, and Tir's Eight. To early peoples, the runes were a part of their everyday life-carved on their tools and weapons, and even incorporated into the architecture of their homes. The runes permeated their culture and were an important force in their lives. In modern times, most of us are not so fortunate as to have benefit of word of mouth teaching of the power of the runes. But with careful study, we too can benefit from the legacy of the Norse.

Our page on Candle Magick contains a table of the runes with just a brief overview on their magickal use. Here, we will delve more deeply into them, and help you learn to make your own magickal runic talisman. We will also explore the use of runes in divination, and give you a rudimentary guide to reading their messages.

The Runes In Magick

Magick using runes works because each rune represents a natural force. These symbols can be arrangedd in such a way that if they were to fall in a rune cast, they would foretell precisely the event that you want to magickally cause.
Think of the Earth as a living organism, made up of cells, the cells being trees, rock, humans, animals, everything that IS. Each part is essential to the whole. There is a communal Life Force, and when we interact with that Life Force, we call it Magick. The runic power comes from this Life Force, and the magick user binds it all together. If you choose the correct runes, have a genuine need for their magick, and BELIEVE, then your magick will be successful. One of the easiest, most common ways the runes are used is in the art of Candle Magick. A second is in the construction of a magickal talisman. There are many ways of making a talisman, be it of wood, stone, paper, metal, or bone. The material doesn't matter, it's the intent that counts.

Making a Magickal Talisman

The Runes In Divination

There are many methods of divination-Tarot, scrying, Runes- just to name a few. The important thing you must keep in mind when attempting any type of divination, is that you should never allow your reading to entirely dictate your actions. The purpose of divination is that of a tool to be drawn upon to HELP you find solutions to your dilemna. The ability to determine the future lies with the mind that wields the tools.

Casting the Runes
The Rune Meanings in Divination