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A talisman is any object whose prescence exercises a powerful influence on human feelings or actions. The runic talisman is a physical affirmation of the process your will has set in motion. You add power to your talisman by concentrating your will to bring about the changes indicated by the layout you choose for your talisman.
The main requirement in making your talisman is choosing the correct rune layout which will outline the purpose at hand. Your runescript is a group of runes arranged in a straight line that indicate a specific outcome by their positioning. To construct the proper runescript you will need a working knowledge of the magickal attributes of each rune and common sense(at least a little).
Runescripts are composed of 3, 5, 7, or 9 runes. There is no need to clutter your talisman. Be concise in your choice of runes. Often three runes are used for talismans involving growth or increase. Five, for protection, defense and victory. Seven is the best for love magick, and nine is the number of destiny. However, your talisman is YOURS and you can choose whatever number of runes you wish for it.
The first rune in your script is your statement of subject, how you want things to start. The final rune is your outcome, how you want things to end up. The list below will help you formulate your own runescript for whatever your purpose. Also, the table on our Candle Magick page will help you understand the magickal meanings of the runes.

Money and Possessions- Fehu, Daeg, Othel
Love- Fehu, Thurisaz, Kenaz, Gifu, Wunjo, Nied, Tir, Beorc, Ing
Protection- Thurisaz, Hagall, Nied, Isa, Eihwaz, Eolh, Beorc
New Beginnings- Fehu, Kenaz, Daeg
Victory- Thurisaz, Sigel, Tir
Health and Well Being- Uruz, Kenaz, Perdhro, Sigel, Tir, Lagaz, Othel
Luck- Thurisaz, Hagall, Eolh
Fertility- Jera, Beorc, Ing
Travel- Raidho, Ehwaz
Communications and Legal Matters- Ansuz, Raidho, Jera

Creating Your Talisman

Find a quiet place to work, and have your materials with you and ready. Your runic talisman can be carved, burned or painted on wood, painted on paper, carved in bone.. you get the idea. Whatever method you are comfortable with is best. You want your concentration to be on the rune, not on your technique. First place the name or a symbol for the person the talisman is being made on the reverse of the surface you are working on. Then it is time to turn it over and begin your runescript. As you carve (or paint, or draw...) each rune, chant its name and concentrate on its function. Feel the force of the rune flowing out of your arm, into your tool, and into the symbol itself. Intense visualization is necessary and this takes practice.
Once the runes have been carved, place a horizontal line bordering them at top and bottom to link the energies of the runes together. At this time you can apply color, if you desire, using the proper color attuned to your purpose. Next, take the talisman and carefully wrap it in a black cloth and bind it nine times around with twine. Concentrate on the wrapped talisman, seeing its power growing. Place it in the center of your workspace or altar and circle it nine times, stating its purpose.
Unbind the cord and slowly open up the cloth. Place your mouth close to the talisman, and breathe long and hard over it, sending your own personal life force into it and animating it. Tap three times upon the talisman to awaken the spirit in it. Now the talisman is charged, and can be placed or given to the person for whom it was intended. If there is a specific task you have charged your talisman with, it must be released once its function has been fulfilled. You can do this by burning the wood or paper, or burying it in the ground.

Below are a couple of examples of runic scripts. It is best to make your own script, making it uniquely personal. Good luck, and Blessed Be.