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Stones have always been seen by pagans as containing within them the energies of the Earth Mother. Today, stones are often used to mark off the ritual space, and stone spells for protection and strength are common. Often spells in which you make a sachet will have you include a stone in your charm bag. Wearing a stone on your body, as jewelry or in a small pouch in your pocket, is the best known method of using stones for Magick.

You should have a special place to keep your stones, to avoid people picking them up. This can be as fancy as a velvet lined box, or as simple as a basket lined with cotton fabric. Purify your stones as you would any tool, or by washing them in spring water and drying them with a linen cloth.


AGATE New Beginnings
AMETHYST Spirituality
AQUAMARINE Stress reducer,water-related spells
BLOODSTONE Protects during childbirth
CARNELIAN Dispenser of Justice, Used to help locate the guilty, increases energy
CORAL Increase psychic awareness, Protection on the sea, As currency
DIAMOND Eternity, strength, prosperity
EMERALD Love, peace, natural tranquilizer
FLINT Protection from faeries
FLUORITE Increases mental powers
FOSSILS Past life work, Magick for animals
GARNET Healing blood diseases
GEODES Fertility, Earth magick, meditation
GRANITE Protection,fidelity
HEMATITE Grounding
JADE Prosperity, fertility, balances female hormones
LAPIS LAZULI Promotes courage, psychicism, healing, protection, sore throats
LODESTONE Fidelity, binding spells, retrieving lost objects, attraction, job hunting
METEORITE Astal projection,teaches psychometry
MOONSTONE Sacred to the Moon Goddess and Mother Goddesses, psychicism, fertility
OBSIDIAN Symbol of the Crone, stone of mourning to Native Americans, Scrying stone
OPAL Boost immune system, protection, youthful appearance
QUARTZ Crystal healing, grounding, centering, focusing energy
PEARL Sacred to most ocean deities, Moon magick, water spells
RED SANDSTONE Dwelling place of spirits
ROSE QUARTZ Love spells, peace, end violence, longevity
RUBY God energy
SAPPHIRE Psychicism, healing
TIGER'S EYE Balances male hormones, protection
TOURMALINE Protection, helps anemia
YELLOW TOPAZ Protection, defense, strength in battle, vitality, healing


For Depression
Use a bloodstone to help overcome states of depression due to a lowering of your body's vital energies. Place the bloodstone into a cup of spring water on your altar. Dip your finger into the water, and wet the center spot on your forehead. As you do this, visualize your body's energy and spirit returning, see yourself full of energy. After your ritual, dry the stone carefully and carry it with you for a few days. Don't be surprised if you start having cravings for certain foods. It is the magick's way of telling you what your body needs, so follow the impulses. After a few days, put the stone away safely, until needed again.


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