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There are a few things to remember when doing spells:

1. Whatever you throw out into the universe can visit you back three-fold. This means that if you do something that you have no justification to do, the negative effects will come back onto you.

2. Be sure what you're wanting is really what you're wanting. You know the quote: "Be careful what you wish for, you may just get it." Take the time to decide what you want and examine the pro's and con's.

3. Have a positive attitude. Doubts that a spell will work can interfere with your success.

4. Gather your candles, herbs, or other materials you intend to use. Use your personal energy to empower those items.

5.If you wish to use a special deity in your magick, you may wish to write out a special prayer or blessing honoring them, and memorize them.

6. Decide when to perform the spell. Pay attention to the moon phases and the type of magick you will be perfoming.

7. Cast your circle, or other form of protection you can count on.(See "Casting a Circle" below).

8. Make a clear statement of your purpose.

9. Perform your spell as you have designed it. When you feel you have put as much energy into as you can, send the energy out to do your will. Direct it out from you visually as well.

10. Finish your spell with words such as "So Mote It Be", "So It Is", or "It Is Done". Make it an affirmation that you know your magick is successful. Talking of magick in the future will keep it forever in the future.

11. Release the energy of any deities you called upon and thank them.

12. Ground your energy and open your circle.

13. Record your spell in your Book Of Shadows with the date, time, weather conditions, etc.

14. Until you achieve your goal, spend some time each day focusing on it by clearly visualizing it as accomplished.


It is a tradition in modern Magick to cast a circle of power within which to confine and focus the energy you raise during your ritual. You need nothing more than yourself and your will to cast a circle, but ritual tools can aid you in focusing your will and energy. Your athame, wand, a sacred feather, any of these will serve the purpose of directing your energy outward. First, ground and center yourself, raise your energy and let it flow through you, down your arms, then out through your fingertips, and into the tool. It will flow out from there. Use your tool to trace a circle around your work area. Most circles are drawn east to east or north to north. Create a chant to use while drawing your circle. The circle is drawn three times, using the magickal triplicity of the Goddess to create it. Once you have performed your ritual and meditated on it, the circle should be closed. Often this is done by merely reversing the casting. A witch's besom can be used to ritually "sweep away" the circle.


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