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Following, you will find a variety of charms, spells and little things you can do to provide protection for yourself, your family and your home. They work well against anything that may harm you, spiritually or physically. But we must all agree that common sense is the best protection.

Basil Water
Soak 1/2 cup of basil in a pint of water for 3 days. On the fourth day, strain the herb out. Sprinkle the water at your doors and windows to keep away thieves and intruders.

Floorwashes are added to the water you use to wash the floor or can be sprinkled over your carpet with your fingers. Vanilla, patchouli, or cinnamon make excellent floor washes.

Use a piece of slate or other stone. Paint runes of protection on it and place over the doors to your home or on the door jamb. You can also make rune symbols from sticks of wood found in your yard or the woods. Hang these in your trees or on your porch. These will work as wards of protection.

Patchouli oil
Put a touch of patchouli on doorknobs to keep out unwelcomed guests. Use this oil to draw the rune above on walls (do it lightly or it may stain) and on windows will help with protection.

Ah, who can forget garlic. Put cloves on window sills, carry it with you or place it in your car. Garlic is a great way to ward off negitive energies.

Place a sprig of this herb in your baby's room and you will ensure a safe and happy growth for him or her.

Rue, rowan, and basil, tied up in a gold or white cloth, is a good protective charm to carry with you year round. A few cinnamon sticks tied over the door to your home is another one.


Self Cleansing Spell
This spell is useful for ridding yourself of old habits, memories, etc. that may be interfering with your life. As it is a banishing spell, it should be performed after the full moon, while the moon is waning.
Materials needed: a black votive candle, frankinsence or sage oil, paper(preferably parchment), red pen(or preferably, a quill and dragon's blood ink), the runes.
Cast your circle. On the paper, make a list of the negative things you wish to remove from your life, using the dragons blood ink, or a red pen. Into the candle carve the runes- Eihwaz, Ing, and Uruz. Anoint the candle with the oil. You can also burn sage incense.(Sage is excellent for cleansing)
Hold the paper near the flame of the candle and chant something like this:

Blessed Goddess, hear my plea
All these things remove from me.
Place the parchment in the flame of the candle and lay it in your censor to finish burning. As you do this chant:
I banish the with flame and rune
And the blessed power of the Argent Moon.
Banished for all time and space
Light and Love now take your place
Allow the candle to burn out completely, concentrating on releasing the negative influences.End the ritual,close the circle. Dispose of the paper ashes and candle leavings outside, far away from your house. Open a window, letting the negative laden smoke be released.


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