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The new moon lies between the earth and the sun. Because the sunlit side is away from the earth, the new moon is invisible to us. The first whole day the moon is visible in it's waxing mode towards fullness. A time of renewal and new beginnings. Spells cast during the new moon are often intended to grow to fruition by the full moon.


As moon moves along its orbit, it appears as a crescent on the right side. As the visible part of the moon grows, it is said to be “waxing".This occurs during the 14 day period from New Moon to Full Moon when the moon is more visible in the sky each night. During the Waxing Moon, cast spells for growth, initiation, and to draw positive things into your life.


When more than half of the sunlit side is visible, the moon is “gibbous.”


The moon reaches the second quarter of its orbit. The entire daylight side is visible and appears to us as a circle. The Full Moon is the time when waxing lunar energy is at it's zenith. Spells appropriate for the Waxing Moon are cast, so long as this is done before the exact time of the Full Moon. Any working that needs extra power, such as help in finding love or healings for serious conditions. Also, love, knowledge, legal undertakings, money and dreams.


As the sunlit side of the moon turns away from us, the moon begins to “wane". Waning Moon energy is used to neutralize or banish negativity, lessen or remove obstacles or illness, and in binding.


The visible portion of the moon dwindles to a crescent and we get ready to start all over again.

The Dark, or Black, Moon refers to the brief time when the Moon is totally invisible in the night sky. Some say the Dark Moon is the best time for banishing spells; others avoid magick altogether.

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