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These links aren't really related to one another. They are listed here for a number of reasons. The linked page could be just chuckfull of usefull information, the page could be so damn amusing that we just had to share it or it's the page of a friend (umm that's not to say that the friends page isnt usefull or amusing, ah hell you know what we mean!) If you think your page fits into anyone of these catagories, let us know. Hmmm, as I'm sitting here thinking about this, we should even list the pages of fellow pagan type people. If we do this, it sure would be nice if ya'll would put a link back to us.


~THE HERBAL ENCYCLOPEDIA~ This page contains all kinds of helpful information on herbs and their uses. It even has a section of natural herbal remedies for your animals. Be sure to bookmark this one!

~ANGELFIRE~ This is the site we use to build our website. The instructions are pretty straight forward and easy to follow. I've found that Angelfire homepages load alot faster then other pages. And except for those pesky banners that have to be on every page (tsk tsk) it's a great place to start building your own home page.

~THE WITCH'S VOICE~ In my opinion, on of the best resources on the web for all things Pagan. I especially like the event boards where circles and events are listed state by state, and internationally. This is one you can't do without.(along with this site, of course)

~BORDERS BOOKS~Yes, there are lots of places on the net to order books, but I'm a bit partial to Border's just because the local store here hosted a Wiccan study group twice a month. Even though they received a lot of flak, and threats of boycotts from christian groups, they refused to cancel it. So they get my vote, and my business.

~Radiant Sun, Argent Moon~ A page that Alana is currently working on. It's a more indepth exploration of some pagan topics through essays she's written. There's lots of other stuff there too.


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