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In ancient times, the only wisdom and healing power came from the Earth, in the form of herbs and plants. In such times, medicine and magick were one and the same. Herbs are a perfect example of what real magic is all about. Herb magick operates on a level of sensation, and can open the door to long lasting changes.
Below is a table of common herbs and their medicinal and magickal properties. Of course there are too many to include here, and ones that are poisonous have been left out deliberately, to avoid any problems the novice may encounter. Use this as a quick reference guide , if and when you decide to create a little Herb Magick of your own.

ANGELICA appetizer, digestive,tonic,antispasmodic brings on the gift of temperance
ANISE digestive, sedative in the case of insomnia or nervousness the aroma awakens energies needed for magick
BALM digestive,sedative, useful for female complaints,skin purifier soothes away hurts and fears in magick related to love pains
BASIL appetizer,aromatic, anti-inflammatory,antiseptic known for its magickal property of bringing wealth
BURDOCK diruetic,purgative, antiseptic for cleansing magick when feeling highly negative about self or others
CAMOMILE digestive, sedative, skin anti-inflammatory,good wash for wounds prepares mind and body for magick. brings peace
ELECAMPANE treating the liver and kidneys,respiratory, treating of itching dispells violent, angry vibrations
GARLIC digestive,antiseptic, purifier protective charm, keeps you strong,family togetherness
HAWTHORNE normalizes blood pressure,regulates the skin brings success and happiness
LAUREL aromatic,digestion,soothing opens you to possibility of great fame and victory in your activities
MALLOW treats inflammations and irritations of respiratory passages softens your character
MARJORAM aromatic,digestive, sedative for headaches and cramps accompanies the dead in their travels,helps you accept profound changes in your life.
MINT tonic, for nervousness and nerve related problems, cramps takes excessive heat off emotions or situations
MUGWORT appetizer, digestive, sedative protects safe and happy travel and holiday
NETTLE diuretic, purifying, anti inflammatory of the digestive system resolves uncomfortable situations,petty jealousie,envy, gossip
PARSLEY appetizer, expectorant,diuretic, regularizes menstrual cycle for incantations related to physical well-being
ROSEMARY antiseptic, antispasmodic,stimulant brings contentment and love
RUE cures palpitations in menopause,provokes uterine contractions herb of repentance,helps people see their mistakes
SAGE anti-inflammatory,astringent, balsam, antiseptic brings health, beauthy, good for all-around improvment magick.
SKULLCAP good for spasms, convulsions, restlessness, brings on menstruation to relax before an important occassion
THYME expectorant, antiseptic, for gastritis inspires strength and courage
VALERIAN calming, hypnotic, sedative of the nervous system for dream magick and reconcilliation magick
VERVAIN astringent, diuretic,digestive used by druids for incantations, for opening a new love
WITCH HAZEL decongestant of the genitals, or the skin brings charm and attractiveness, makes you irresistible
WORMWOOD stimulates vitality, appetite, liver and gall bladder vitality tonic, for after magick sessions

One of the easiest way to use herbs is in an herb bath. Use cheese cloth or muslin and make a pouch of sorts. You can also try finding reusable tea bags made of a porous material. I purchase these at the local organic foods store. Fill the bag with herbs and suspend it below the faucet, so the water runs over it as the bath fills. Once the bath is drawn, let the bag float in the water to continuously add the mixture to the bath.

Cleansing and Purifying Herb Bath
3 parts marjoram
3 parts thyme

Protection Herb Bath
4 parts rosemary
3 parts bay
2 parts basil
2 parts fennel
1 part dill


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