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Throughout the history of the world , religions have all spoken of a great force beyond all life. The Beginning and the End. The Universal Truth. The Great Spirit. God. Allah. The Void. The followers of most religions accept this force on faith alone. The Pagan seeker is full of questions and a desire to learn more about the world we live in. We have a desire to understand all of nature and to learn to work with the universal order. The Pagan is not only permitted, but encouraged to question, learn, compare, test. In this way we reach understanding, and thus an unwavering faith in the Gods.

There are two faces to the life force, male and female principles. Some know these as the Earth Mother and Sky Father. Other traditions in Paganism recognize these forces by other names. But by whatever name, their essence remains unchanged. For the purposes here, think of them as the God and Goddess.

The Pagan deities are not unapproachable. They are the essence of the natural world. We can speak to them, and they will answer, as close as a thought, a wish, a dream.

Some are confused by the multitude of names by which the God and Goddess are known. Marduk, Pluto, Zeus, Bacchus, Cerrunnos, Pan. Cybele, Isis, Demeter, Hecate. Or a thousand other names. But many Pagans believe that despite the multitude of names, there is but one God and one Goddess.

Often the God and Goddess are broken down into triplicities, to better understand their nature. The aspects of the Goddess are commonly separated into three stages of her life.

She is seen as the Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone. The God is viewed with parallel aspects, as the Young Lord, the Warrior/Protector, and the Sage or Dark Lord.

The aspects of the God and Goddess are a reflection of the cycles and changes held sacred by the Pagan. The Wheel of the Year reflects the continuous courtship between the two.

The Maiden and the Young Lord are the representations of birth and renewal. They are celebrated in the spring, when the earth awakens from its winter slumber, and is reborn.

Mother and Warrior(often seen as a horned God) are recognized in the fullness of the summer season, when the earth is green and lush.
The Sage and the Crone embody the wisdom of their many years of life experience. They are recognized in winter, the time of the earth's slumber.

The God and Goddess are not separate entities from the Pagan follower. Each of us embodies the spirit of our deities, each of us is a part of the whole, a part of the creative life forces which move through the universe.


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