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Candle Magick is one of the quickest, most effective forms of magick, and is often used by witches because of this. Remember to always use a "clean" candle, that is, one that has not previously been burnt. If the candle has already been burnt, any energy that had been in the candle before your ritual would come into your spell and interfere with your magick.

     Types of Candles
  • Seven-Knobbed Candle
    A candle molded into seven knobs. Usually one knob is burned each day for seven days in a row.
  • Figure Candles
    These candles are shaped into a specific form and used in sympathetic and natural magick.
  • Taper Candles
    These are usually 7-10 inches long and made of parafin or beeswax. Dipped tapers are only colored on the outside.
  • Votive Candles
    Small, fat candles, usually 2-3 inches high. They are made of beeswax or parafin, and are often scented.


     Things to Remember
  • Always let the candle burn itself out, if at all possible. If you MUST extinguish it, concentrate on merely closing the energy down until later, not eliminating it. Then, as soon as possible, burn the rest of the candle.
  • If you find you must extinguish a candle, it is best to use a candle snuffer. They are safe, and effective. Blowing out a candle blows away the energy.
  • If you're constructing your own candle spell, refer to rune charts, color charts, and timing charts to coordinate it.
  • Using a chant that matches the intent of your spell, while the candle is burning, is very effective. This does not have to be an elaborate chant. As in most magick, the simpler, the better.
  • Wash your candle holders between spells.
  • If you are working out of phase with the Moon, you can use a trick I found in a book- Moon Water. Pour a small amount of the proper Moon Water into the bottom of a stainless steel pan and place the candle holder in the center. Don't let the water go over the top of the candle holder. This surrounds the candle with the energy of the proper Moon phase.
    To make Full Moon Water, fill a glass jar with water. Three days before the full moon, set the jar outside at night where it can capture the moon's rays. Repeat for the next 2 nights. Full Moon Water is used when doing an invoking spell during the waning moon.
    New Moon Water is made in the same way, except the jar of water is set outside during the New Moon , and 2 days before it. New Moon Water is used when doing a banishing spell during the waxing moon.


         Choosing the Proper Color
    Working with color is an important part of spellcraft. However, if your own association with a color differs from those in the following chart, go with your intuition and use what is right for you.


    banishing, hexing, cleansing, scrying


    joy, creativity, group efforts, peace, contentment


    devotion, inspiration, peace, tranquility


    money, business, earth rituals


    success, sun, God rituals, fortune, good luck


    prosperity, fertility, good fortune, renewal, earth rituals


    deep meditation, karma work, opening psychic powers
    MAGENTA swift changes, beauty
    ORANGE power, healing, stimulation, success, sun rituals
    PINK love, platonic love, friendship, kindness, emotional healing
    PURPLE wisdom, contact with spirits
    RED passion, love, sex, courage, vitality, force of will, victory
    SILVER Moon rituals, Goddess rituals, fortune, good luck
    WHITE purification, healing, can substitute for any color, lunar rituals
    YELLOW communications, intellect, healing , swift changes


         The Runes
    The Norse developed a system of magickal runes before the second century B.C.E. The runes were considered to be alive, and energy was invoked just by drawing them. Therefore, whenever you use the Norse runes, you should "feed" them by rubbing them with oil, or magickal powders.
    The Norse runic alphabet is known as the Elder FUTHARK, and are grouped into three divisions: Freya's Eight, Heimdall's Eight, and Tir's Eight.


    FEHU-increase of wealth and possessions, protection of valuables. URUZ-used to create change, healing, vitality, strength
    THURISAZ-beginning new projects, luck,protection, the hammer of Thor ANSUZ-communications, wisdom, clarity, attract others to your cause
    RAIDO-safe travel, movement, obtaining justice, keep a situation from stagnating KENAZ-the hearth fire, artistic pursuits, healing, love and passion, creativity, strength
    GEBO-gifts, partnerships on all realms, sex magick, balance WUNJO-joy, happiness, love, fulfillment in career and home life


    HAGALL-slow, steady pace, no disruptions, asking for help with a situation you do not control NEID-need, desire, love and sex magick, motivation created by desires
    ISA-cessation of energy, cooling relationships, separation, division JERA-harvesting results from efforts already sown, fertility, abundance
    EIHWAZ- banishing magick, removal of obstacles, invoking foresight PERDHRO-unexpected gains, hidden secrets, spiritual evolution
    ALGIZ-protection, fortunate influences, victory, success, good luck SIGEL-victory, power, strength, health, vitality, drive to work


    TIR-victory, leadership, success over competitors, increase in finances, zenith of an idea BERKANA-growth, abundance, fertility, Mother Earth, protection
    EHWAZ-abrupt changes, moving into a new home, travel, swift changes MANNAZ-cooperation, teamwork, beginning new projects
    LAGAZ-intuition, imagination, success in studies, creativity, vitality, passion ING-fertility, successful conclusions, ending one cycle, beginning another
    OTHEL-material possessions, inheritance, including genetic traits DAEG-increase and expansion, prosperity, growth, turning in new directions


         Simple Candle Ritual

    Choose what color candle you will need according to the color chart.
    Decide what kind of candle you will use. A votive candle is good for when you have less time.
    Carve your candle. One of those thumbtacks with the colored heads works well for this.
    Consult the rune chart and decide which ones fit your spell. Concentrate on each rune and each letter as you carve the runes, and the person's name for who the spell is being done,into the candle.
    Choose and appropriate oil or powdered herb and anoint the candle. Start at the middle, rub upwards toward the wick, then return to the middle and rub down towards the bottom. This balances the energy of the candle.
    Raise energy and charge the candle with your intent.
    Firmly set the candle in a holder and put it on your altar until you are ready to cast your spell.
    Weave your spell, and allow the candle to burn out completely.


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