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Updated Sept 03-02 In case you didn't notice I haven't been keeping this up I don't do the show any more though I am still involved in the station. Check out my band at

 <a href= Now you can read old news golly!!

Mutants on Parade On April 23 becomes HellDriver and Move to 10:30-12:00am

The show that feels like a Battery acid enema every time,


Page under heavy consruction, CKDU NOW BROADCASTS LIVE IN REAL AUDIO!!!! If it's sunday 10:30-12:00 am Click here to listen to Helldriver

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Playlist Between Oct. 31-99 and Sept 03-00
Playlist from Nov.7-98 till Oct 31-99

Now you can read old news golly!!

And if you don't know what this is read the next paragraph

I'm Randy 'Crust' Jeddry
and I'm the host of "Mutants on Parade"
the new metal show on 97.5 Ckdu in Halifax.
I recently took over my time slot for an all
ready existing metal show called, "Satan's Trampoline",
which has a large listenership that has transferred to my

Week after week I devote my show to supporting the local scene and
atempt to live up the Reputation of having the heaviest and most
informative metal show in Nova Scotia.

If you live in Halifax or else where in Canada and your not linked to this site send me a link!! Feel free to steal anything I do!

Helldriver 10 now CKDU submits a "Loud" chart to CMJ and NCRA here it is CKDU LOUD TOP 10

  1. SLAYER / God Hates Us All
  2. FU MANCHU / California Crossing
  3. DEATH / Live In L.A.
  4. EVIL INCARNATE / Blackest Hymns of God's Disgrace
  5. DRAGONLORD / Rapture
  7. DEVIN TOWNSEND / Terria
  8. SYSTEM OF A DOWN / ToxicCity
  9. ZEKE / Death Alley
  10. GORILLA / Gorilla
The first ever Metalwar was a great success
more will be sure to follow.

Winners of Metal War 2000 are SLOTH
Congrats. watch here for more on SLOTH

The winner of Metalwar 99 Was Terratomb

News from Dittohead

I'm now involved with a kick ass metal webzine known as the Metal Observer ( ) where I for the most part write Cd reviews (So far I've done Cannibal Corpse, Terror 2000, Soilwork, Sinergy, Megadeth, Vintersorg, Naglfar,etc. ) but also contribute with intervews ( Soilwork, Pagan Hell-fucking-fire, and soon to come - Vintersorg, Jens Ryden, Derek Riggs ) and such. I've also been able to make **somewhat** of a name for myself over at BW&BK. I run the disscusion board over on their website ( ) , check those out sometime.

I included some bio's on Local bands Terratomb , Wohedness, Pagan Hellfire ,Burning Moon, and Dichotic from their site

Click here for a cool Venom interview

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Lost in the fog records the world's coolest distro
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