Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes


"Supernova" (2002)

1. Life Is Like A Park * 2. Hot * 3. The Block Party * 4. Let Me Live/Dreadlocks * 5. Jenny * 6. I Believe In Me * 7. Rags To Riches * 8. True Confessions * 9. Untouchable * 10. Head To The Sky/Keep Your Head To The Sky * 11. Universal Quest * 12. New Star * 13. Breathe/Where The Heart Is


The Cut (1998) TV Series - Hostess

Living Single (11/30/1995) - Herself in episode: "The Following Is a Sponsored Program"

House Party 3 (1994) - Sex as a Weapon

About Lisa

Full name: Lisa Nicole Lopes

Nicknames: Left Eye, Nina

Birthdate: May 27, 1971

Date of death: April 25, 2002

She was tragically killed in a head on car accident in Jutiapa, Honduras.

Birthplace: Philladelphia, Pennsylvania

Height: 5'1"

Children: adopted daughter - Snow

Mother: Wanda Lopes

Siblings: younger brother - Ronald, sister - Raina

She loved cooking 'cause she was a picky eater, her brother and sister (both younger), whom she'd had financial responsibility for since her father died, her management company called Left Eye Management.

Disliked: Being asked about her arson case or her alcohol problem, tabloid journalists and photographers snoooping around her, the way she had a short attention spand, when successful groups don't stick together and try to work things out

Proudest accomplishment is "being in TLC" - The last record she bought was by TLC - Her favorite dish is crabs in beer - The best advice that she has ever recieved was to "stay real no matter what"


  • Block Party

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