Camp Moss
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The view from Camp Moss

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Welcome to Camp Moss! There are tons of things to do here! Camp Moss was founded by Skather Red Squirrel and is still maintained by him. Any woodlander can join. They should know a little about the Redwall series though. Please take the time to visit all of our pages. There is tons of Info all over them! Camp Moss is located right outside of Redwall Abbey. Just follow the road and into the forest! There is a gentle river nearby where we go fishing for crabs, crayfish and shrimp. Otters love to play in it also. So, where do you wanna go?

Camp Moss Interactive

Go here and try out a quiz, some trivia and even a poll! Maintained by Waterwave


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Riverside Chat

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The Grove

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The Pass-Along-Story

Go here and join in on our Pass Along Story! Made and maintained by Stonehead McGurney

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The Poem Page

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