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20th Regiment, Guardians

Overall goal of the Guardians

There are two primary reasons for the formation and continued existence of the Guardians.

1. To protect all free people and towns in the northwestern hemisphere of Elanthia in a precise military manner.

2. To better enable member soldiers to survive hostile incursions and enjoy a comradery with fellow members of the organization regardless of rank and training level.

What is the 20th Regiment, Guardians.

The 20th is an honorable military organization geared for defense of the realm. All soldiers to be recruited will in like be honorable and maintain a military demeanor while on duty.Training time will be on Tuesday evenings at 8pm Elven time and run approximately two hours.Expectations for 'experience'during this time will likely not be met,however,experience in teamwork,gaining friends and having fun will be exceeded.Special equipment such as, magic items, magic spells, enchanted armor will be issued out at the begining of training time to proven members and returned at the end of training time to the supply sergeant.

Basic Policy

Basic Procedures

General Orders

Enlistment Rolls

Past Training nights