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XTC: The Worlds Most Greatest, Yet Underrated Band

Photo above is a promo for Apple Venus. (1999)

Well, since their new album, Apple Venus Vol. 1 came out last week I've been going nuts thinking up something to do to pay tribute to my favorite group. So I decided to do a web site. It's not going to be the largest, and not the most elaborate one you've seen, but you'll like it. These are my feelings on this most clever and intellegant band out there.

Well, I should start by telling how I got into this wonderful group. It all started in 1989 when Mayor of Simpleton came out. I was just flipping around the channels when I came across it on MTV. I just got into it. So I bought the cassette single to it. Then while on a trip to Boston I bought the cassette of the wonderful album, Oranges and Lemons at Strawberrys at Downtown Crossing. I remember the clerk saying that I made a great choice. So I took it home and at first I just listened to Mayor of Simpleton, but one day I decided to listen to the whole album, and I loved it. I did hear Senses Working Overtime a long time before that, but I didn't know who XTC was. It's so great to have an older sister with good musical tastes.

I didn't really get "into" them until a few years ago. I don't know what got me really hooked onto them, but there's this actor on Coronation Street, and he sort of looked like Andy Partridge. I guess I just got a feeling I should listen to O&L again. So I did, and I loved it, so I went to the local record stores, and bought most of XTCs albums I could find. I even started talking to this one girl who really liked them. She started telling me how she and her roomie loved listening to Skylarking. So she pointed it out to me, and I bought it. I took it home, and listened to it, and boy did it really rock. It was a masterpiece. The songs just flowed together, especially Summer's Cauldron and Grass, which became my favorite song. Until just recently I didn't realize Colin Moulding sings it. I've always thought Andy Partridge sang it.

The next thing I knew I was obsessed with the group. I listened to their music constantly. I would rarely listen to anything else. Then I got onto the Internet, and I discovered more XTC fans out there. The greatest group of people out there are at Chalkhills digest. Oh I've learned a lot by reading that digest. I don't know what I would do without that group. I know I wouldn't have known about Dave Gregory leaving and AV Vol. 1 coming out. Thanks to everyone on the digest for putting up with my stuff.

Then last year, I was hit by a truck, and I was in the hospital for about three weeks. I don't know what I would have done without XTC. They kept me sane in that lonely hospital room. I used to listen to the Gold covered copy of Skylarking all the time. It made me feel better after a hard day at PT. I wish there was a way I could thank Andy and Colin personally. I would tell them that if it wasn't for them I have no clue how I could make it through my time of tragedy. A week before my accident my grandmother died. I used to listen to Dear God a lot during that time. I just wish I could meet them and tell them personally how I feel. I would like to say my thanks for Chalkhills digest moderator, John Relph for getting me Andy Partridge's autograph. I'll always treasure it.

Well, that's my feelings about the greatest, yet underrated bands out there. I told you this wasn't going to be elaborate. That's it for now. When I get more computer savy I'll put pics up, but for now this is my XTC page. I hope you like it. And Andy or Colin if you do read this, thanks for the music.

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