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From Under the Bridge

I will tell you right now, this week's commentary does not deal with SW at all. This weeks "From Under the Bridge" will deal with my reactions to the new Austin Powers movie. I suppose that if you don't care about what I have to say, then move on...*sob sob*!

I thought that "The Spy who Shagged Me" was a good movie. It definantly retained the humor that was first introduced to us with the first film. In this film, we are also exposed to some new villians, all of which were hilarious. Let's see...

Mini-me I honestly believe that Mini-me stole the show (kind of like Maul done when he was on screen). I actually was looking forward to seeing him do something else funny. Some of my favorite scenes was when he tried nibbling on mini-Mr.Bigglesworth's ear. Dr. Evil says, "No Mini-me, we don't naw on kittie's ear." LOL Another seen that was too funny was when he was humping the laser. That was probably the funniest moment in the movie for me.

Fat Bastard Just his name gets me to smiling. It was a bold move for Mike Myers to play this third character. He claimed on E! that the suit was extremely hot and he had to wear a special suit to keep him cool during filming. He didn't really do that much except maybe drool on himself a little.

Unibrow Sadly, I thought that this character would get more of a chance to do some funny things. However, what else could you do with her? I thought so, let's move on...

I was immediately shocked to see that it had a SW crawl in the beginning. Speaking of SW, there are so many references to SW in this movie it is un-believeable. Everything from the opening crawl, to the "Death Star", even to the, "Austin. I am your father." It was still funny though.

It was great to see Elizabeth Hurley in the beginning. I do not care if she was a fembot, she is still shagadellic. It was definantly a creative way to get her out of the picture and explain why she isn't in the rest of the movie.

Here are some random thoughts about the movie:

The Jerry Springer show portion was very funny and a great way to introduce Dr. Evil back into the movie.

Many of you might not agree with this, or may not have noticed it for that matter, however, I noticed quite a bit more vulgarity in this one than the last one. Even though at times it was used to maximize comic relief, I thought at times it was unneccesary. Especially, when Dr. Evil says, "Oh, this is G** D**n ridiculous." I'm not too big on this combination of words anyways, because I feel it is direct blasphemy against God. That is just how I feel about that.

It was neat to see Scott's mom revealed and how they went about doing it. Seeing Dr. Evil with some mojo was very interesting also. On the opposite end of the spectrum, seeing Austin actually turn down Felicity Shagwell was stunning. Mike Myer's was sucessfull in showing that these characters have varying personalities and they have more depth.

All in all, I felt that it was a very good movie. It was definantly a worth successor to the first one. That is a bold statement because usually the sequels are not as good as the originals (except for TPM, in my opinion =). Maybe a little strong with language at times, but it was not so vulgar that I wouldn't mind my grandma watching it. I still like the first one better though. Well, until next time...

These are my opinions and I'm sticking to 'em. If you don't agree with me, then remember, it's only water under the bridge.

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