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About me...

Name:The_Hermit_ (Chris)
Sisters?2 (half sisters)
Major:Computer Science
Religion:Southern Baptist
Marital Status:Good joke (I'm as single as the number 1 :-)
Interests:Star Wars, Web design, programming (not good at it yet), N64, Playstation, creating "art" on paint shop pro, reading (I know, I am a nerd), mission trips with church, basketball, shew...

It seems kind of funny the things you remember as a kid. You know, the kinds of things that really stick out in your mind. My earliest memory that I can recall was staying at my uncle's house looking at Star Wars picture books. That was where I really got interested in the "galaxy far, far away..."

Every great once in awhile all through elementary and high school I would find myself popping in one of the Trilogy movies. What can I say? I was weak and gave in :-)

My interest in Star Wars was revived when Dark Forces came out. I was really into Doom and the whole idea of 1st-person shooters. Then the idea came forth to combine Star Wars AND a first-person shooter. Although I'm not sure of that these games came out, I remember actually getting into the X-Wing VS TIE Fighter series. What finally made me a "believer" again, was when Jedi Knight entered my life... (wow, I need another paragraph)

I believe Jedi Knight totally revolutionized (at least for me) the way I looked at computer games. Now, not only did I have a first-person shooter and the Star Wars universe, but a game in which I could learn the Force! I felt as if I were Luke slowly learning my powers and the laser blocking saber was GREAT! If you are still reading, I really am going to connect then to now. Fast forward a few years and...

All of what I just said is a long way of saying, "Star Wars has been with me my whole life." Now the The Phantom Menace stands before me and millions others. I cannot describe the feeling, but I guess I can compare it to a crack addict who has not had his drugs in years. Suddenly, one day he stumbles upon some crack. Those old feelings of "wanting the rush" and "feeding the craving" come running back at you like a beer truck. I think you get the point...

As soon as I saw Darth Maul I was VERY, VERY impressed. Not only does he look like he something that came from hell and is pissed off, but he wields the double-lightsaber. I am anxious to see how good he wields it in the movie. It is a safe bet that there will be some light Jedi annuals smeared all the way from one end of the galaxy to the other. Maul is just too awsome!

If any of you made it this far, I am impressed. Give yourself a pat on the back. Hopefully, it makes you feel better knowing that you have boosted my self-esteem by making me feel important. Just joking, I am not quite that bad off....yet :-)

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