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My Want List:
  • New car (bought a 99 Grand Am)
  • a haircut (got the real job, so i need one hehe)
  • candles (just for the mood)
  • some classic rock (because it KICKS!!!)
  • and ? (cheesy eh?)

Hello all! I am a 24 year old male from Lawrence, Kansas! Just moved to the area, and I find it a very interesting place... hehe... To say the least... This place is KICKIN!!!... lots of things to do and people to see... yep yep, I think I said that right... >G<... I'm currently single, and definetly looking... hehe... I think that we all are... Check out my pictures though, it is just a matter of time... Bolt can't wait for that... well, I just added a new award from me, and I hope that everyone tries to apply for it... Well just because I like getting the mail... This page is dedicated to the fun of chatting, and to medievil links!!! So if you want a laugh check out the Pix, and if you are here for chain maille check out the links!!!.... If you have a page and want to be recognized, write me and I would be glad to link you! Anyways, I will be waiting to hear from you. Also try out my other pages they will tell a little bit more about me...:^)

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