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Unofficial Tom Moody Fan Site!

Member of the 1999 World Cup winning team!

This is my tribute to Tom Moody. Batsman, Bowler and cricketing god.

So, the World Cup is over. Australia are the champions and I have finally bothered to update this site. Amazing. The simple truth of the matter is that I doubt the great man will play ODI cricket again for Australia and so this will be the last real update until WA win the Sheffield Shield again :). The World Cup itself was a strange one, but i'll tell you the Aussies looked gone until they gave Moody a game against Bangladesh. He lifted them to the super six but Warney and Steve Waugh lifted them to the tournament. Brilliant, I thought. So, we are the champions. Congratulations to the Aussies, and especially the Warrior players in the squad (Moody, Gilchrist, Julian & Martyn). You deserve it!

Check Tom's county record here!

Tom Moody's stats

Full Name: Thomas Masson Moody
Born: 2nd October, 1965. Adelaide, South Australia
Height: 200cm
Bats: Right Handed
Bowls: Right Handed Medium Pace
Captain of Western Australia

Test Debut: Australia v New Zealand at Perth, 1989/90 
Last Test: Australia v Sri Lanka at Moratuwa, 3rd Test, 1992/93 

Limited Overs Debut: Australia v India at Madras, World Cup, 9th October 1987.
Latest One-Day Game: Australia v Pakistan, World Cup, 17th June, 1999.

Career Record (conveniently stolen from and not including World Cup final


                      BATTING PERFORMANCES

Matches: 8
Innings: 14
Not Out: 0
Runs: 456
High Score: 106
Average: 32.57
100's: 2
50's: 3
Caught: 9


Overs: 72
Maidens: 19
Runs: 147
Wickets: 2
Average: 73.57
Best: 1-17
5 W/I: 0
10 W/I: 0
Strike Rate: 216.0
Economy Rate: 2.04


Matches: 69
Innings: 61
Not Outs: 10
Runs: 1188
High Score: 89 (vs. Pakistan. The Gabba, February 2 1989.)
Average: 23.29
100's: 0
50's: 10
Ducks: 6


Balls: 2485
Maidens: 23
Runs: 1834
Wickets: 43
Average: 42.65
Best: 3-25 (vs. Bangladesh. Chester-Le-Street, May 27 1999.)
Economy Rate: 4.43


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