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All about my bestest bud - Garren!

It's only a few times in a lifetime that you meet someone you feel so right about. Someone you feel comfortable with, someone you feel like yourself with, someone who helps you know just who "yourself" is. This is someone you know you'll spend the rest of your life loving. From the first day you meet him there's a connection you never talk about but both know is there; not forced, but rather assumed. It's someone you trust, and someone you trust yourself and everything about you with. You can tell him your secrets without worrying about being judged. You know he's just a phone call away if you need him, and you can turn to him whenever you need to. He's the one constant in your life, your shelter from the storm.

He's the person who creates the warm fuzzy feeling inside you, and sometimes, that electric firey feeling in your heart. You spend some of your craziest moments with him, some of your longest, wildest nights, and have some of your most cherished memories with him. When you're near him, you can't help but smile. And you know that no matter what, even when you're ninety years old, in your last moments, he'll be there.

He's not your lover; he's better. He's your best friend. And when you're with him, you feel like you can do anything you want, be anyone you want, have anything you desire. He's the person who fills you with more love you think you've ever felt. You love him in a way so different, so special, so complete, a way you love no one else. It's a love that lasts forever.

I've been lucky enough to find this in Garren. I've known him for six months, and already I feel this incredible bond between us, an instant connection that has continued to grow. He's sweet, caring, witty, innocent, fun, respectful, accepting, and overall wonderful. My love for him and our frienship will remain always, and my memories will live on forever. What can I say? He's someone I want to grow old with.

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