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my world


Single woman again. Lilly and I live at home for now with mom while we save up to buy a house. We are very happy with our new life, and lots of things have been keeping us busy!

I'm an Alumnus of Central Missouri State University. I took some pictures of the campus. I majored in Tourism and minored in Photography. For more current news on me, click Current Activities. As some of you know, I did an exchange program in Wales, Great Britain Spring of 1998 studying at the The University of Glamorgan. While I was there, I created a American/English Dictionary. Check it out, it's kind of fun.

I was born in California, but I'm originally from Oregon where I've spent most of my life until 1996. I moved back here after college in 2000. That is when I met Cliff in April of 2001. My interests include travelling, photography, movies, music, horses, hockey, swimming, camping, collecting postcards, going to the beach, and doing e-mail.

I have a Photo Gallery, that I'm trying to always add to constantly.

I've also included a copy of my three week vacation traveling Europe! And I also have pictures while I was there!


Last updated: January 1, 2005


Photo Gallery / Current Activities

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