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This is Am/Can Ch. Renejade All American Jazz, CDX, ROM, GHC, CGC, AG1, TDI Jazz is the foundation bitch for Jazlin Dobermans. This picture was taken when Jazz was about 15 months old. It was taken in her breeder's back yard just before she obtained her Canadian championship. If you know anything about dobermans and the different kennel names, you will recognize the Renejade kennel name. Jazz's breeder is Nancy Christensen of Aurora, Colorado. I will be forever grateful to Nancy for entrusting Jazz to me. Unfortunately, I lost Jazz on May 25, 1998 to kidney failure. She was 1 month and 2 days shy of 12 yrs old. Fortunately for me, Jazz lives on in her two daughters and two granddaughters I still have.


A little about myself. My name is Linda Tuttle and we have always had dogs while I was growing up. I didn't get my first doberman until I was about 32 yrs. old. Her name was Madam Rivka of Brandywine. A picture of Rivka will be in my Past pets page when I get it up. She was not a very good quality doberman, but she had the best qualities of the doberman breed and made me fall in love with the breed. I can remember going to my first dog show and watching dobermans, then coming home and trying to stack Rivka like the handlers did at the show. That was a funny sight. I had my nephew take a picture of us. I don't think I will put that on my web site. LOL

At that first dog show, I saw a male doberman that just blew me away with the presence he had in the ring. He was Ch. Renejade The Jazz Singer, CD, ROM. His call name was Jesse. Jesse was a consumate showman in the ring. He was one of those dogs that did not need any old handler. He knew what to do. I decided then I wanted a puppy by him. I talked to his owner, Nancy Christensen. In fact, I talked to her several times over the next 3 years. I was in Des Moines with Rivka, trying unsuccessfully to get a leg towards a CD on her. I talked to Nancy there and she said she was going to breed Jesse's daughter, Covet, next time she came in season. Covet had obtained her championship that weekend. She was Ch Alpha Omegas Tushima, UD, ROM. Covet, of course, became Jazz's mother.

I picked Jazz up at the dog show in St. Joseph, Mo. on August 27, 1986, the day before my birthday. She had her ears cropped and I can remember walking through the show site and people asking if I got good reception. She, of course, had a styrofoam cup on her head and a piece of cardboard acting as an elizabethean collar. She did look like a satellite dish, as a matter of fact. With Jazz I learned what it is to have a show dog. She was also the easiest dog to train. She was the type of dog that all you had to do was show her what you wanted, and she did her best to try to do it. She had a tremendous drive to please me. When I was working with her to get her obedience titles, even with the mistakes I know I made with her, she made me look good. She was a special dog and is very sorely missed.

Ch. Findjan's Outrage, CD, ROM, Jack is Jaco's sire.
Ch. Alpha Omega's Tushima, UD, ROM, GHC, Covet is Jazz's mother.
Both of the above pictures were taken by Cheri McNeely, who is quite well known for her doberman pictures. I don't think you can beat the quality she brings to a picture

The End

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