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"The One Hidden Secret to Unlocking

 Your Ability to Control Your Future"

  Why experts, gurus, consultants, coaches, and  therapists

are praying you never hear about this.

     It's a sinister fact: Experts make more money if you keep returning to them. And they make sure you'll return by providing incomplete information to you.
     I spent 16 years searching and studying with every "Guru" in the book. I wasted a bunch of time and money just searching for answers. Then I met an unsuspecting retired professor from Missouri who literally set me free! He told me...

"You Have to Know 'The Secret!'"

     Then he explained it, and within 15 minutes he had me using "The Secret" to get the job I wanted.
     Now, before you ask, "What can I do?" let me tell you one universal truth... we are all marvelously created humans with special psychic and healing abilities!
     Most people never develop these secret skills, whether because it's not accepted in society, because people might laugh... whatever. And most psychics, healers, etc. won't teach you to do-it-yourself!


There are two main reasons:
     First, they may not even know how they do it! They have a natural psychic or healing ability (a "gift"), and so they share it with the world. They don't know exactly how they do it, and so they can't teach you!
     Second. If you are doing it, they have to get a real job! Its no secret these people make big money. One "hot-line" charges $3.99 per minute. Don't pay $239.40 an hour for "spiritual guidance!"
     Heck, I know one "guru" that charges $10,000 for a simple training!


Do It The Easy Way!

     Let 3,000 years of tradition and over 120 years of research and experience help you. Dr. William Tufts Brigham (Curator of the Bishop Museum in Hawaii from 1888-1918) began the scientific examination of Kahuna "magic" and "miracles" in 1864!
     Max Freedom Long founded the Huna Research Association in 1945, dedicating more than 50 years of his life to uncovering the Secret Science Behind Miracles.
     Dr. Otha Wingo continues that tradition from his secluded office in America's Heartland!  A Retired Minister, Master Teacher, Professor Emeritus of Classical Languages, 32 degree Deputy Grand Masonic Lecturer, and Director of Research at Huna International Headquarters for over 27 years, Dr. Wingo has personally taught more than 20,000 students these ancient secrets... not only how the Kahuna instantly healed the sick, saw into the future, and changed the future for the better... he has developed a simple, workable system to teach people to do-it-themselves!

Here's How

     The Secrets of Kahuna Magic is a complete "crash course" on video that will teach you the secrets of taking charge of your own future. Dr. Wingo holds your hand and walks you through the entire process, using proven methods.
     The Secrets of Kahuna Magic doesn't require strange initiations. You don't need hundreds of bucks worth of special equipment. It doesn't require "talent." Just enough brains to follow simple instructions.

THIS VIDEO  gives YOU the



     Just absorb the information and put the principles into action... that's all it takes. If you do just that the results
will be hard to believe!

     Your cost is less than a visit to one expert! Special for Internet users ONLY, this $69 video is JUST $19.50 plus P&H. And if you order WITHIN 21 DAYS I'll send you TWO FREE bonus reports on How to Strengthen your body's "vital force," and Proven Ways to use your Mind for Healing (a $25 value) just for trying the video.

—James Mason


We Get Letters...

"I used The Secret for 3 days and my diabetes disappeared."
 —Ben Clayton, Lake Worth, FL
"I worked on a love relationship, and just three weeks later met the girl of my dreams. Now we plan to marry."
 —James Holloway, Seattle, WA
"Two words... Big Promotion. Thanks."
 —Allen Barrett, Burlington, Ont.
"One technique taught in the materials helped me manifest $110, 000 legally in one month."
 —Susan Hall, Manassas, VA


     This practical system works in the real world, and I'll prove it to you. You have to try out the system and prove for yourself that it works for you. If you can honestly say after applying what you've learned for A FULL 6 MONTHS that it's not everything described, just return it undamaged for a prompt refund.


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(__) Yes James! I really want The Secrets of Kahuna Magic so I'm enclosing $19.50 + P&H.
Also send me TWO FREE BONUS REPORTS because I'm ordering within 21 days.
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