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The purposes for which Huna Research, Inc. is organized are:
  1. For the promulgation of a Way of Life known throughout the world as Huna, which includes methods and techniques for taking charge of one's own destiny and helping to fulfill each person's life purpose on a spiritual, mental, and physical level.
  2. To investigate, research, and teach the principles of life based on the psycho-religious system known as Huna, and all related studies: natural, spiritual, and mental healing techniques: development of the potential faculties within each person; and all techniques and methods which will help people to help themselves and others to develop on every level of life-- spiritual, mental, and physical.
  3. To train and ordain ministers, teachers, healers, counselors, consultants, lecturers, group leaders, and others who will work at carrying out our beliefs and practices.
  4. To establish, conduct, and maintain classes, schools, study groups, seminars, workshops, lectures, and services for the teaching of these principles, philosophies, and practices.
  5. To publish information on the theory and practice of these psycho-religious, mental-emotional, and natural-physical techniques in bulletins, books, pamphlets, courses, tapes, and visual media.

    Adapted from the Original Huna Fellowship Charter of 1945

    Huna Research, Inc. / 126 Camellia Dr. / Cape Girardeau, MO 63703 - USA / 1-573-334-3478

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