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Ozarks Homesteading Page

Welcome to my homesteading page. It is under construction so check back for updates. What I hope to do with this page is share information I have gathered that is relevant to homesteading. I don't believe in reinventing the wheel, so in many cases links to other web sites are provided. Just remember where you started and hit your "back button" to return here : )

Chickens are about the easiest farm animal to keep.

Pigs are often the second step in raising animals on the small farm.

For a small farm, many people consider draft horses an alternative to the tractor. They don't break down like things mechanical and they can go with ease places a tractor may not. However, they still eat even if they don't work.

Although not "domesticated," many people the world over keep bees. Bees help in polinating crops, gardens, and fruit trees. They also produce honey and beeswax, both valuable to the homesteader.

Of course you'll want to grow as much of your own food as possible. A good garden is the backbone of a successful homestead. Also don't forget fruit trees. Here in the Ozarks apples, peaches and cherries all grow well.

Of course you'll want to put up all your surplus fruits and vegetables by canning.

You will probably want to cut firewood.

There are a couple of ways to split wood.

Many would-be homesteaders contemplate building a log home.

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