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Welcome to the Home Page of Holy Family (Anglican Rite) Parish, The Holy Orthodox Catholic Church, St. Louis, Missouri

Who we are:

Holy Family (Anglican Rite) Parish of The Holy Orthodox Catholic Church (HOCC)
The Orthodox/Catholic Alternative
An Independent / Old Catholic denomination

We believe in:

  • Unity in essentials
  • Diversity in non-essentials
  • and, above all, Charity

  • The Holy Orthodox Catholic Church (HOCC)is a member of
    a federation of independent Orthodox Catholic Churches


    This Parish and the Holy Orthodox Catholic Church (HOCC)are focused on meeting the needs of God's people by emphasizing the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the Seven Sacraments, and prayerful pastoral team leadership. Under the guidance of The Holy Spirit, we are His Hands.


    We invite you to join us as we grow in our relationship with our Lord and we ask you to share with us our journey to know our Savior Jesus Christ as our PERSONAL Friend and Savior.

    We believe that we must know and love our Lord in more than a theoretical or intellectual way, but that we must come to know Him personally.

    Holy Family Anglican Rite Parish practices Creedal values, morals, and standards.

    The Church actively seeks to build a family relationship amoung its members that is supporting and loving of eachother.

    The Church actively seeks real growth in faith and Spirit.

  • For more information call the Church at:
    (314) 830-2327

  • Or Write to the following address for additional information:
    The Rt. Rev. Acie Angel
    1085 Wiethaupt Road
    Florissant, MO

  • Email:
    at the email address below.

  • Communion is available to all baptized Christians recognizing the real presence of Christ in the Sacrament.

  • The Sacraments of Baptism, Matrimony and Reconciliation are celebrated by appointment.

  • Bible study programs are as announced.
  • Family counselling sessions are by appointment.