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The Benevolent order of Phantom Planet


The benevolent brothers
links-more..prehaps, saner stuff
Our babbling and reason for this page..
About the kooksters behind the page
Pictures...never seen before
Interviews with the dudes

Haga naga. Welcome to The benevolent order of Phantom Planet. A page created from the very odd minds of a group of pp fans. Feel free to e-mail us anything about the band or your opnions of this site. AND PLEASE...sign the guestbook.


Put up some interviews.

* still have yet to post the phantom planet 80's star equivalents.

IMPORTANT INFO FOR THOSE WHO MAY BE CONFUSED! (for those who sign the slambook)

the brat packers are the following:

emilio estevez, judd nelson, ally sheedy, molly ringwald, demi moore, anthony michael hall, andrew mccarthy, rob lowe.

these people are considered the brat pack because they were in the breakfast club or st. elmos fire..or both.

Anything and everything on this page belongs to Abby and Lucy....take anything or plagerize and you'll face the wrath of our fierce poodle Scott "Chachi" Baio. Charles is in charge.

" A pile of shit has a thousand eyes."

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