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Twilight of the Gods

Odin sits, a raven on each shoulder,
Waiting for his guest to arrive.
Thor enters and says, “I’ve failed you, father.
Jormundgand, the serpent, is alive.”
He lays Mjollner down slow on the table.
Odin rises, troubled by the report.
“The Ragnorak will befall one and all,”
He announces aloud to the court.
Thor wipes tears from his mother’s eyes.
Loki laughs as he leaves the room.
Tyr says, “Heroic action is the greatest good
To combat this – our certain doom.”
We will form a valiant ghostly army
From the ranks of the slain
And assemble them in Valhalla’s great hall
For the final battle on the Vigrid Plain.
They emerge from the shadows
Like the lightning of the storm.
The thunder roars and sky flashes
Where battlefields are born.
Steel meets steel and steel meets flesh
As life and death are torn.
Beaten and battered with spirits not shattered
By the gods they are sworn…
The Valkyries – like the wailing wind –
Pass through the flames and bloody fight
To claim the souls of the brave and bold
And take them far beyond the night
To distant Valhalla, a sacred realm,
Across the Rainbow Bridge and Asgard’s gate
To feast with Odin – the Lord of Battle –
And master of their fate.