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Gayla's Genealogy Page

This page was last updated on 11 August 1999.

Welcome to my genealogy page. Suggestions are welcome. I hope to have frequent updates and a few new surnames added -- so check back regularly.

The following is a list of my surnames.  Click on a name to find a summary of that family.

Look like your family, too?  Will be glad to exchange information.  E-mail me at
 Balot 1806 1870 France>StarkCo OH>AdamsCo IL
 Brown  1826 1998  OH>DaviessCo MO
 Carlyle 1813 now VA>RichlandCo OH>LivingstonCo MO>LafayetteCo MO>JohnsonCo MO 
 Clemens  1798 1830 VA>RowanCo NC 
 Culp 1809 1914 PA>DearbornCo IN>AdamsCo IL>DaviessCo MO
 Heidet 1788 1850 France>StarkCo OH
Hill 1814 now Hill Family Cemetery > JohnsonCo MO
 Keller  1800 1852 VA>IA>DaviessCo MO 
 King  1785 1963 SC>TN>KY>BrownCo IN>HarrisonCo MO 
 Lynde  1813 1853 PA>RichlandCo OH>LivingstonCo MO 
 Moulin 1788 1937 France>StarkCo OH>AdamsCo IL>DaviessCo MO
 Palmer 1786 1927 SC>JohnsonCo IN>OwenCo IN>ColesCo IL>SullivanCo MO>Scotts BluffCo NB>SnohomishCo WA
 Park 1827 1850 BrownCo IN 
 Tate 1805 1869 KY>CooperCo MO>ColesCo IL>SullivanCo MO
 Trusler 1832 1880 ShelbyCo IN>HarrisonCo MO
 Williams 1798 1926 VA>RowanCo NC>SurryCo NC>YadkinCo NC>JohnsonCo MO>HardinCo IA>ColumbiaCo WA>GarfieldCo WA

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