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The Path

This path is not well beaten.
There are only a few.
That have chosen this way.
As access is not easy.

A journey of forgotten joy.
Passing time away while I leisurely stroll
Through this winding trail.
Watching nature's endless expressions.

There is time to sit.
And gaze awhile.
A dragonfly buzzes by,
A crow caws in the distance.

I enjoy this little spot
Removed from congested roads.
Unknown by tourist streams.
Just a little glimpse of natures pride.

And though there are no treasures
along this removed path,
There is joy along the way
That is why I come to stay.

If you see me missing
from some of lifes great events
You can bet that I am not far from
This Path that is not well beaten.

March 11, 1999

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