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Fiddling Missouri


Howard Marshall and John Williams




Voyager Recordings has just released a new CD and cassette of traditional fiddling from Missouri's historic Little Dixie cultural and geographic region, with Howard (Rusty) Marshall of Fulton and John (Doogie) Williams of Madison.


A selection of 34 fiddle tunes, some of them local central Missouri tunes like Middle Grove, Stars and Stripes Waltz, and Muddy Road to Moberly as well as old standards like Fisher's Hornpipe, Sugar in the Gourd, and Grey Eagle.


Howard Marshall (b. 1944) and John Williams (b. 1982) are natives of Randolph and Monroe Counties, respectively. Their families' farms were some six miles apart. They play tunes passed down from fiddlers such as Taylor McBaine, Johnny Bruce, Jake Hockemeyer, Frank Reed, Wiley Marshall, Ed Tharp, Nile Wilson, and Pete McMahan.


Featuring backup guitar by Howard's friend of 30 years, Arkansas Red (a.k.a. Michael Breid) of Eureka Springs, Ark. The recording was made at Deer Park Studios in January 1999.


Order "Fiddling Missouri" (Voyager CD#344) from

Voyager Recordings, 424 35th Ave., Seattle, Washington 98112.

A cassette version is also available.


Or order from the Voyager Website on the World Wide Web.


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