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Hey, everybody. The trip to Italy was amazing!! We had the chance to work with a church planting team and meet some awesome people. Please keep that country in your prayers. I would have to say this trip was very hard spiritually. So, like I said keep them in your prayers.

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This is a site dedicated to all the stuff that I think everyone should know about in some way. I hope you have fun searching the site and learning some stuff about different college organizations and things that are important to me. Also, I hope you'll find out about the most awesome guy in the whole world, Jesus. On this page you can find out about a great young artist named Jaci Velasquez, and also Rebecca St. James. They are both wonderful singers with a great message. Hopefully you'll also find out a little bit about our Savior. Send me any of your comments about my page, my address is at the bottom. Don't be shy. You know you want to write. Hope to hear from you! God Bless!!

"The only Bible most people ever read is the daily life of a Christian."

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Okay, this is a "new" band signed on Rocketown Records. They are truly amazing. If you like Nickel creek and Oh, Brother Where Art Thou?, then you will definitely dig Alathea. Their name is Greek for "truth," which is what their album is all about. I can not begin to tell you how much their music has already blessed my life. If you want to hear some refreshing tunes about our Saviour, Jesus, then check these girls out! You can also catch them on their websiteAlathea. Oh, yeah, it's pronounced uh-LAY-thee-uh.

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