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Obscure Passing of Echoing Time


Ellen Elizabeth Kashk

As white rivers quietly
Rush in tandem,
Abandoned in a time forgotten
Captured in the sins of the mother
Forever disconnected 
In the echoing time
Of then of now?

As I look into the blue gray sky
When the pinks and mauves
Of sunset has faded
And the darkness
Has yet arrived,
Staring up passed the blue spruce 
Which have been here before I
And I shall leave before them.

The top most branches
Stilled defined before 
Darkness swallows the
Last breath of daylight.

High above tiny white and red 
Lights blink
A jet passes
With no sound,
Darkness breathes.

I am disconnected
As I witness the birthing
Of the first evening star.
Echoing to me
The obscure passing of time.

copyright: Ellen Elizabeth Kashk 1999