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Links to DOS Related Sites 

Know of a site that should be on the list?  Send an email with the URL, and I will check it out!

Dos Internet

Arachne WWW browser homepage
IBM Webboy
DOSINT - internet for DOS
Pegasus Mail - e-mail for DOS!
Setting up Email in DOS with today's ISP using a dialup PPP TCP/IP connection
SPIN Graphical Web Browser and Editor for DOS
Pine Information Center Pine e-mail client for DOS
Net-Tamer, Inc. DOS Internet Specialists. Home of nettamer web browser for DOS
PC Yarn - offline mail and news reader for DOS
Internet Tools for DOS
Trumpet Newsreader for DOS Overview

 DOS Help

These links have been moved to the DOS Help Page.

Operating Systems

DR-DOS - Multi-tasking, task switching, personal netware, and many other features!
FreeDOS - Completely Free MS-DOS compatible OS.  Still in development.  Many great links!
PC-DOS 2000-  Fully featured DOS by IBM. Y2K Compliant!
RX-DOS -  Advanced Y2K compatible DOS
PT-DOS 2000 - PhysTech Software's fast and powerful OS
SuperDOS - Multi-user, networking DOS by Bluebird Systems
Logan Industries -IMS REAL/32 DOS compatible 32 bit multiuser and networking operating system

DOS Software Sites:

Anzio For DOS - Terminal emulation program through serial connections (modem or direct cable)

Greenview Data, Inc. (VEDIT) Home Page - VEDIT, a fast editing program for DOS.  Download free demo!
Holin Datentechnik, PC-CONFIG english - A good benchmark program for DOS
IGC Thin Client Solutions - Providers of the VM/386 networking software

Softdisk Online Store - Online source for commercial DOS Software
Mansfield Software Group - Home of KEDIT, another commercial text editor for DOS
Greatware Software - Developers of MS-DOS compatible programs
McAfee Virus Progams - One of the best virus dection programs on the market.  Download free demo!
Dr. Solomon - Another great virus detction program
Photodex Products - Dos Graphics/Multimedia Viewers - SEA multimedia viewer for wide array of
    file types.  Plays avi files in DOS.  GDS viewer available for heavy on-line graphics file maintenance
Geostatistical Software for the PC - If you know what is is all about,you don't need me to explain

Genetics software - Just what it says!
Quinn-Curtis, Incorporated - Real time Graphics tools, Science and Engineering
Lugaru Software Ltd. - Home of Epsilon programmer's editor.
Working Software, Inc. - Developers of various software programs, including Last Resort keystroke recording.
Brutus home page - One of the world's top 6 Othello game  program:  programmed for DOS
Welcome to G-media's GLpro - High powered multimedia development application. DOS version free with purchase of Windows version
THE TERMINATE SITE - A powerful terminal program
CATDISK For Dos - File management and archiving utility.
The TZPlay Homepage - A Wave player for DOS
Moon Viewer by SARUM
NAPA Software Home Page - Home of Comcfg, a DOS program to help resolve com port problems

DOS Application Menu 2.1 - run any DOS program from a windows icon
Androsoft Web Site - developer of SuperClip screen capture, print screen, and auto save software for Windows and

SoX: Sound eXchange
Wall Street Software - Investment Software available for DOS
Safetynet Security - Antivirus and Year 2000 Software available for DOS
QuickView Homepage - Multimedia player for DOS.  Plays MP3, MOV, AVI, WAV, and more
Australian Chemistry Network - DOS & Windows Chemistry Software
F-Secure -  Anti-Virus program for DOS

Shareware and Assorted DOS sites

Alkaid Software - Developer of DOS shareware, with many great links to DOS sites.
Locations of Benchmark Programs -Get benchmark programs for your computer!
Leithauser Research - Various shareware programs developed by the company
Mark's Candy Store - Assorted DOS programs, links, and other information
Microsoft Software Support Library - Download MSDOS components.  Upgrade to MSDOS 6.22 for free!
PKWARE - Home of PKZIP compression and archive program.  Also have a DOS shell and other programs!
Simtel.Net MS-DOS Page - THE source for DOS shareware
Welcome to Dan's Home Page! - A neat DOS shell program
Kurt Dekker's Home Page Programmer who develops DOS clones of classic arcade games.
The Shareware Stockpile(TM)-DOS Index - An index of various DOS Shareware programs
Completely Free Software - Index of Win3.1 & DOS freeware & free shareware
LOMAX Software - Publisher of shareware games for DOS and Windows
Win-httpd CGI-DOS
DOS-Based PGP Frontends "Pretty Good Privacy" encryption and security programs
Chicago Systemic Initiative - Various math programs
DOS Development Software - Software available for programming development
The FDISK.COM DOS Internet Pages
Microfox - Developers of software for DOS marketed via shareware
C2HTML - Shareware program for converting source code into HTML documents
PC Software - A directory for many DOS based programs
Online Bible Dos Library Page - Download the #1 free Bible program for DOS

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