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Have any of you cow lovers heard of the fistulated cow?  Now I am a person against animal cruelty, but if you actually read about what this hole in the cow's side does, hopefully you will realize that it helps cows! Can you spot the hole?  Its the yellow stopper in its side...take the plug out and you can look straight into its stomach!

I visited Cornell University, Ithica, NY last year and personally saw the fistulated cow.  Just like this one in the picture, the cow was eating and didnt really care about the hole in its side, or the many people watching her stomach contents mulching inside.  It was a cool thing to see, and I was relieved that it did not cause her pain or discomfort- otherwise they would have heard from me!

What does the fistulation do? -- I think one of its purposes is to have an easy access to the stomach contents.  If other cows get some sort of illness, this cow's stomach bacteria can help the other cows get better (I think thats how it goes).

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