Central America

Aida-Wedo Rainbow snake loa, companion of Damballah-Wedo who was a serpent. Haiti
Akewa Sun goddess and sister of all earthly women. Toba, Argentina
Alaghom Naom Tzentel "Mother of the Mind", goddess of thought and intellect. Mayan
Amara See Mamapacha
Anuanaitu Soul of the ocean, member of a sea monster family. Carib, S. America
Atabei Primary being, earth goddess. Also Attabeira, Momona, Guacarapita, Iella, Guimazoa. Pre-Hispanic Antilles
Attabeira See Atabei
Auchimalgem Moon goddessand seer. Araucanians, Chile
Bachue Ancestral goddess, Also Turachoque. Chibcha, Columbia
Cavillaca Beautiful virgin goddess who bore the son of the moon god Coniraya by unknowingly eating a fruit containing his sperm. When she learned he was the father, she took the child and became stones. Huarochiri, Peru
Ceiuci "Famished old woman", Amazon river, S. America
Chalchiuhtlicue "Jade skirted goddess", rules all waters , decked in a jade necklace, turquoise earrings, crown of irredescent blue flowers, witha skirt trimmed with water lillies. Sent the great flood to punish humans wickedness. Aztec
Chantico Fire goddess. Ancient Mexican
Chia See Huitaca
Chicomecoatl Maize goddess. Ancient Mexican, Aztec
Chiuapipiltin See Cihuateteo
Cihuacoatl Goddess of life's trials, invented productive labor, prophesier of disasters. Mexican
Cihuateteo Roving spirits of women who died in childbirth. Also Chiuapipiltin
Cipactli Goddess in form of monstrous alligator who swam through the waters of primordial chaos containing all potential life, but couldn't give until she offered her body. Also Coatlicue, Coyolxauhqui, Tlaltecuhtli, Tonantzin. Nahua, Ancient Mexico
Citlalinicue See Omecihuatl
Coatlicue "Serpent-skirted goddess", five-fold earth goddess, she gave virgin birth to Quetzalcoatl, a savior-god. She is sometimes a moon divinity, a creator goddess being pre-eminent and pre-existent, mother of all living things and death. Also Tlaltecuhtli, Cipactli, Tonantzin, Coyolxauhqui. Ancient Mexico
Coatrischie Tempest goddess. Antilles
Cocomama Goddess of healing and happiness, resident divinity of cocoa plant. Andes
Cori Ocllo One of the Four Foremothers of the Incas. See Mama Ocllo
Coyolxauhqui "Golden bells", moon goddess, daughter of Coatlicue, who tried to warn her mother of her siblings' intent to kill Coatlicue. See Cipactli. Aztec
Dabaiba Great Goddess, "Mother of Creation". Panama
Evaki Goddess of Darkness who kept the pot with lid that when she put the lid on, it shut out the sun, and taking it off let in daylight. Amazon
Ezili-Freda-Dahomey Sensuality loa, extremely generous to her worshippers and expects the same. Haitian voodoo
Guabancex Wind and water goddess. Atilless
Guacarapita See Atabei
Guatava Messener goddess. Antilles
Guimazoa See Atabei
Huitaca Owl woman, goddess of moon, intoxication, joy, and rival to, or wife of, Preacher Bochia, undoing his industrious work. Also Chia. Chibcha, Columbia
Huixtocihuatl Goddess of salt for its invention, patron to saltmakers, sister to the rain gods. Aztec
Iella See Atabei
Ilamatecuhtli See Tonan
India Rosa Great goddess, invemtor of women's culture, pottery, and basket weaving; mother of the sun, moon, snake, and jaguar; a form of Kuma. Yaruros, Venezuela
Ipa Huaco One of the Four Foremothers of the Incas. See Mama Ocllo
Itiba Tahuvava Great ancestor, birthing four sons by Caesarian who created the sea. Taino, Pre-Hispanic Cuba and Caribbean
Ituana "Mother scorpion", Great Goddess who lives at the end of the Milky Way ruling the afterlife, reincarnating souls, and nursing earth's children. Amazon River
Itzpapalotl Goddess of the soul, her symbol is a black obsidian butterfly, a beautiful goddess tatooed with the symbols of death on her face, and her material aspect are jaguar claws. Nahua, Mexico
Ix Chebel Yax Goddess who taught women weaving, dyeing, spinning, and daughter of the moon. Maya of the Yucatan, Guatemala, Honduras
Ix Chel Snake-Godess of water, moon, childbirth, and weaving, who hides from her jealous ex-lover the sun. Maya, Yucatan
Ixtab Goddess who cares for the souls of suicides
Iztaccihuatl Volcano goddess. Central Mexico
Korobona Mother of the half-serpent child that became the first Carib warrior. Warrau, S. America
Korobonako Sister of Korobona. Warrau, S. America
Kualchink Tree goddess. Tierra del Fuego
Kururumany Creator goddess. Arawak, Antilles
Mama Allpa Harvest mother goddess. Peru
Mama Cocha "Mother Sea", the ocean and whale goddess, source of health and food. Inca, Peru, Pacific Coast of S. America
Mama Coya One of the Six Foremothers of the Incas, or One of the Four Foremothers. See Mama Ocllo
Mama Huaco One of the Six Foremothers of the Incas. See Mama Ocllo
Mama Ocllo One of the Six Foremothers of the Incas, Mama Coya, Mama Ocllo Huaca, Mama Huaco, Mama Rahua; or One of the Four Foremothers, Cori Ocllo, Ipa Huaco, Mama Coya, and Topa Huaca. Inca
Mama Ocllo Huaca One of the Six Foremothers of the Incas. See Mama Ocllo
Mama Quilla Moon goddess, a silver disk with a woman's face, Ancient Peru
Mama Rahua One of the Six Foremothers of the Incas. See Mama Ocllo
Maman Brigitte Loa of death, owns cemeteries, especially ones whose first interred was a woman. Her children are spirits that outline, dig, and mark graves.
Mamapacha Dragon goddess, ruling agriculture, lived beneath mountains, Also Amara, Pachamama. Inca
Mamazara See Zaramama
Marinette Night goddess, loa sorceress, "she of dry arms", screech-owl demon
Masaya Volcano and earthquake goddess, source of oracles, having sagging breasts, black skin and thinning hair. Nicaragua
Mayahuel "Strangling one", Great goddess of the earth, night sky, hallucinations, and drunkenness, 400-breasted to nurse the stars, lived in the heavens guarded by Tzitzimitl. Nahua, Central Mexico, Ancient Mexican
Metzli Moon goddess. Aztec
Mictecacihuatl Goddess of the Nine Rivers of the afterlife that evil souls are condemned to. Pre-Columbian Mexico
Momona See Atabei
Mu Olokukurtilisop Great pre-existent creation goddess. Cuna, Isthmus of Panama
Obatalla Creator goddess, one of four including Oya, Oshun, and Yemanja. Macumba, Brazil
Omecihuatl "Star-skirted goddess", Great Goddess who was one half of the androgynous divinity Ometeotl. Also Citlalinicue
Oshun Water goddess of love, beauty and flirtation, wears jewels, holds a mirror, and a fan, Creator goddess, one of four. See Obatalla. Macumba, Brazil. "Our Lady of La Cadrid", patron goddess. Santeria, Cuba.
Oya Warrior storm goddess of fire, Creator goddess, one of four. See Obatalla. Macumba, Brazil. 9-headed and holding a flame, patron pf justice and memory. Santeria, Cuba
Pachamama See Mamapacha
Quetzapetlatl Incestuous twin sister of the Quetzacoatl, hero. Mexico
Sibilaneuman Goddess of songs, "Mother of songs and dances, of grains, of all things". Cagaba, Columbia.
Sicasica Mountain goddess, seduces young men to death in freezing glaciers. Aymara, Bolivia
Teczistecatl Moon goddess. Ancient Mexico
Teteoinnan See Toci
Teicu See Tlazolteotl
Tiacapan See Tlazolteotl
Tlaco See Tlazolteotl
Tlaltecuhtli Primordial goddess who was magnificently beautiful and had teeth and eyes at every joint to protect herself, but not from the two gods who tore her in two in order to birth life. See Coatlicue, Cipactli
Tlazolteotl "Dirty lady", "Earth's heart", Goddess of Fourfold Moon, witch goddess of sexuality, license, gambling, temptation, black magic, and purifier of people. Her four fold aspects were Tiacapan, Teicu, Tlaco, and Xocutxin. Aztec
Toci Great goddess, "Our grandmother" Nature's healing powers, wears a skirt of shells and carries the sun-disk on her shield. Aztec
Tonan Mother goddess. See Coatlice, Ilamatecuhtli, Tonantzin. Aztec
Tonantzin See Coatlicue, Ilamatecuhtli, Tonan
Topa Huaca One of the Four Foremothers of the Incas. See Mama Ocllo
Turachoque See Bachue
Tzitzimitl Stern goddess who guarded Mayahuel, the maiden goddess
Xochiquetzal Goddess of flowers, sexual license, "flower of the rich plume", "flower-feather", "blue-skirted lady". Aztec
Xocutxin See Tlazolteotl
Yemanja Ocean godess of the crescent moon, Creator goddess, one of four, See Obatalla. Macumba, Brazil
Yemaya Mother of 14 divinities, or orishas. Also Yemaya Achabba, Yemaja Ataramagwa, Yemaya Oqqutte, Yemaya Olokun. Santeria, Cuba.
Yemaya Achabba See Yemaya
Yemaja Ataramagwa Wealthy queen of the sea. See Yemaya
Yemaya Olokun Only seen in dreams. See Yemaya
Yemaya Oqqutte Violent goddess. See Yemaya
Yohuatlicetl Moon goddess. Ancient Mexico
Zaramama "Grain mother". Also Mamazara

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