Aberewa See Asase Yaa
Abuk The First Woman, patron goddess of women and gardens, her emblem is the Snake, her mate is Ganag. Dinka, African Sudan
Agwe Mother of the Sea. Affectionate and nurturing of those who would honor her. Benin.
'Aisha Qandisha Water goddess, sexual spirit, a jinniya, with beautiful face, heavy breasts, and goat legs
Akonadi Oracle Goddess of Justice and protector of women and children in need. Thieves captured by her oracles dispersed his goods among the poor. Accra Region, Ghanna.
Akusaa Goddess of sunset
Ala Mother Earth, creation goddess, queen of the dead, provider of communal loyalty, lawgiver, guardian of morality. Also Ale, Ane. Ibo tribe, Nigeria
Ale See Ala
Alitta Alitta of Cyprus. See Dido. Carthage
Andriam-Vabi-Rano "Princess of the Waters". Madagascar. Story
Ane See Ala
Annalia Tu-Bari Queen whose offer of marriage helped to quash civil war and unite the kingdoms. Wa-Ghana, West Africa. Story
Antaboga Serpent Goddess. Sudan, Near Java
Asase Efua See Asase Yaa
Asase Yaa "Old Woman Earth", birthed humanity and reclaims children in death. Also Aberewa, Asase Efua. Ashante, W. Africa
Atete Ethiopian Goddess who was assimilated into Saint Mary.
Belqis Name for queen of Sheba. Muslim
Chichinguane Eldest Daughter of a Chief by his favorite wife, and who was tormented by the rest of her family. Mozambique. Story
Dea Caelestis Sky goddess, roman name for. Carthage
Dhat-Badan "She of the wild goats" or "...sanctuary". Also Dhat-Hami. Himyaritic Arabs, Yemen
Dhat-Hami See Dhat-Badan
Dido Possible deified ancestor or founder, honored as name or title for queens, possibly the original was Elissa or Alitta, "the goddess", Originally the city was called Cartha-Elissa "City of the goddess" and it became Carthage. Also Elissa,
Eka Obasi See Isong
Elissa Elissa of Tyre. See Dido. Carthage
Fatouma Heroine who was given in sacrifice to a dragon, but rescued by the hero Hammadi.
Gatamdug Mother goddess, counselor to kings, dream interpreter, assimilated into Gula. Tigris
Gleti Moon Goddess. Mother of all stars which are called Gletivi, the moon's children. Benin (Dahomey).
Gonzuole The First Woman. Gangwi, Liberia. Story
Ilankaka Sun Goddess. Nkundo, Central Zaire. Story
Inaruchaba Daughter of the First Man, she provided animals for her people to use for sustenance. Barundi, Africa.
Isong Tortoise shell goddess, ruled earth's fertility. Also Eka Obasi, Obasi Nsi. Ibibio and Ekoi, West Africa
I-toerambola-totsy "She whose nature is silver". Heroine who won a magic potion from an ogre to resurrect her husband. Madagascar.
Jezanna Moon Goddess.
Jinniya Female spirit. Northern Morroco
Kahindo Daughter of the Fire God. Nyanga, Zaire.
Kaikara Goddess of Harvest. Uganda
Kauket One of the Ogdaod, a frog being.
Kimpa Vita Christian Prophetess Donna Beattrice. Bakongo, Africa. Story
Kla "Soul" the female is the goodness in the world, and the male is the evil. West Africa
Ko Patron Goddess of Hunting. A shining white figure who may appear at the pre-hunt dance to share the secrets of where to find game. Her touch gives the hunter perfect coordination and sharp eyes. Bushman, South Africa
Lemkechen A polestar. Berber
Lueji Moon Goddess. She is embodied in the black stork with white underbelly. This underbelly appears like the moon when it flies. She represents the torch of life. Lunda & Bemba.
Mahalbiya The Spirit that causes tropical ulcers and skin diseases. Whomever she possesses during a ritual can then give cures for the diseases she gives. Hausa, West Africa
Malika Habashiya
Maruwa Story. Wachanga and Chaga, Kenya
Mawu Great Goddess. Created earth and humans.  Uganda, Benin, NW Africa. Story
Mbaba Mwana Waresa Rain Goddess. Zulu. Story
Mbombe Several goddesses of the same name. 1) Mother of all humans and animals, whose eldest daughter is the first human female. 2) The Elephant Girl, Daughter of the Thunder God. Zaire.
Mella Heroine who saved her father form death with the help of the Moon Goddess. Buhera Ba Rowzi, Zimbabwe. Story
Monje A powerful witch shaped like a larva. Yorubaland. Story
Motsesa Princess who was married to the Water God Bulane. Similar story to Psyche.  Mozambique
Muhongo  A Queen who died young, and whose husband sought to retrieve her from death but could not. Similar to Eurydice.
Mujaji Weather Goddess. She rarely left her home in the Dragon Mountains. To her enemies she gave storms and floods. To her worshippers she gave gentle rains to prosper on. The Rain Queens of the Lovedu people bore her name as a title, for they were her incarnations. High in political prowess and military might, these queens kept both the Zulu and the Boers at bay. Lovedu, South Africa.
Muso Koroni "Pure Woman with Ancient Soul." Goddess of Earth and Night, of life's passage, of agriculture and wilderness. The Ancestral Mother. she is the color of dark rich African soil, and sometimes manifests as a leopard or panther. Bambara, Mali.
Mut "Mother." Bisexual World Mother, who was sometimes a vulture or a crowned woman. Nubia, Egypt.
Muzita The hard-working farming, female half of the god Mahangu who was originally both male and female, but was split in two when he tried to embrace the creator. Bakongo, Zaire
Nambi Princess of heaven, first woman. Uganda. Story
Nambubi Mother of the Gods. Descendent of the Fish of Lake Victoria. Buganda, Uganda.
Nana Buluku World Creator, Source of all Divinity, Mother of Mawu. Eldest Water Orisha. Melded into St. Anne. Fon,Benin, West Africa. Dahomey, West Africa
Nawangwulan Swan Maiden. Java. Story
Nchienge Water Woman who gave birth to the first people. Her eldest daughter was Labama. Zaire. 
Ngolimento The mother of Spirits. Children are with her before being born on earth, and if they behave for her, they will have happy lives on earth. Ewe, Togo.
Ngwa Ndundu The Ritual name of the woman who leads initiation. An elder woman bereaved of a young child, and has been possessed. Kimpasi Mystery Religion, Kongo
Notambu The priestess of Jezanna who ended child sacrifice by pleading mercy upon the last chosen child.  Mashona, Zimbabwe.
Nsomeka Heroine who brought riches to her people from visiting Songi. Bantu
Nsomeka Heroine who visited the home of the goddess Songi, and brought from it a magickal ritual that issued forth domestic animals and sturdy villages from her tooth notches. This brought prosperity to her people. Bantu, South Africa.
Nsongo Ancestral Goddess.  She lived with her brother-lover Lianja. She died suddenly, but when her pregnant daughter-in-law heard singing from her womb, she knew her child would be Nsongo reincarnated.  Bangala, Zaire
Nyadeang Daughter of the Sky Spirit, Moon Goddess. Nuer, Sudan.
Nyamitondo Heroine who married the lightening. From it she learned to grow bananas and to forge iron.  Nyanga, Zaire. Story
Nyamwanda Goddess who lived in an iron house and owned a whistle that could bring the dead back to life. Nyanga, Zaire.
Nyavirezi Queen of Rwanda. Prophet of the Hunt. She could transform herself into a lioness to hunt.
Nyi Pohaci Rice Goddess. Daughter of the Serpent Goddess Antaboga.  Sudan, near Java. Story.
Nyina Mweru  Princess of Uganda. The Daughter of a Celestial King. He returned to the heavens and left her behind on earth.  Story
Oba Jealous river goddess. Sometimes assimiliated with St. Catherine. See Also Oshun. Santeria, Niger River, Yoruba. Africa Story
Obasi Nsi See Isong
Ochumare Rainbow goddess. Yoruba, Santeria
Oddudua Mother goddess. Yoruba
Olosa Crocodile goddess. Santeria
Oshun Water goddess, one of four great divinities, rules love, beauty, and flirtation. See Oba. Macumba, Brazil
Oya Warrior storm goddess and patron of justice and memory, rules fire, one of nine great divinities. Macumbra, Brazil, Africa
Ra-mitoviaman-dreniny "The Likeness or Equal of Her Mother." Fairy like beings whose beauty bore this name. The "Green Princesses." The Andrianas of Madagascar. Long green hair, light green skin, and mirror like eyes.
Ranoro One of a race of demi-goddesses called Andrianas. Madagascar. Story.
Sabulana Heroine who saved her people from starvation by discovering how they may regain the favor of the goddess whom they neglected. Machakeni people, Africa
Sambatu Goddess who was the embodiment of the Sabbath. Gallas, Cushite tribe, Abyssinia.
Sela First woman and mother of humans. Luhya people, Kenya
Selekana Heroine who was envied by her peers, and pushed in the River. Lesotho. Story.
Songi Mother goddess. Bantu
Sukulung Princess and Mother of the Hero Sundiata Keita, she carried him in her womb for seven years. Mali
Tangalimbibo A Chief's Daughter who was held prisoner by the river god. Zaire. Story.
Tanit Sky Goddesss of the Punic, she also ruled  the moon and  stars. Shewas the mother. A winged goddess with a zodiac around her head. Also Tanith, Dea Caelestis, Caelestis. Berbers, Carthaginians.
Tanith See Tanit
Titichane Ancestral Mother. She took the form of a cat, and the cat was her external soul. Story.
Yemaya See Ymoja
Yemanja See Ymoja
Ymoja Goddess of Women, Mother of river spirits. Also Yemaya, Yemanja

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