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CyberFerret's Ephiny Page

CFerret's Ephiny Page


I was thinking of giving some recognition to Danielle Cormack, the actress who plays Ephiny on X:WP. If you know of any information or links you would like for me to add, please sign the guestbook and leave me a message.

I have learned from my scorces that DC's kid is a boy, she gave birth at home, and his name is Ethan. More news to come!!

Ok, Ok, I know it's been a very very long time sence I last updated this page, but here I am now, this 17th day of April, updating my homepage. A lot has happened in my life, including the knee-cap ripping off of my best friends knee and the cutting off of my cable, so I havent heard to much about DC...but Grizelda the Ogress has a lot of stuff on her web page if you NEED information (and I know you do).

Oh, also, the Church Of Cormack is up and running.

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Disclaimer I: Should you happen to see something that you created or scanned or whatever, Thank You. I'm sorry, but i couldnt remember where I got some of it and other parts have been downloaded by my friends. Special thanks to GabbyGab and Mariner for inspiration and a link to thier site. And only one small ferret was harmed during the production of this web page. You know, the 50% biodegradable one...

 I hope Barron doen't get mad at me for stealing this...

Xenites Unite: This is one of my Xena pages, it looks a lot like this one...
A temporary cure of XWS...Xenaphile!!

Try this Monty Python Haven...
Cyber Ferret's Den: My den
Lair of Grizelda the Ogress: Come see the webpage built by my favorite advisor and co-Prisetess of Cormack
Come to my chat room. It still need work, but I'm getting there.
Go to the Church of Cormack today and worship!

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DISCLAIMER II:Only one ferret was harmed during the production of this webpage, but thanks to cybergenetic surgery the ferret is fine and will continue to make changes to this page. Now if I could only get some sleep...

Welcome to my den.