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Emily's Page!

Hi! Thanks for visiting my page! Well a little about me, I have blondish hair and blue-gray eyes. I like ice skating, art, acting (I have done it professionally in the past), my friends, shopping, the internet, the phone, and of course who could leave out (if you know me then you can roll your eyes because you know what I am going to say) the TV show Friends (on NBC Thursday nights)!!! I don't think I'm going to say where I live because I don't want any stalkers, hey, there are some pretty sick people out there. Until next time! Enjoy!:) Below are some pictures and graphics. The "We Support Chandler and Monica in the Fifth Season" Is from the TV show Friends. then I have a picture of me.:)

We support Chandler and Monica in the 5th season!

Top 5 Reasons Why the TV Show Friends RULES!

My Favorite Web Links (More comming soon)

This is my other page. It doesn't have a lot on it but it's cute.
This is my good friend Amber's page. It's funny and she has some good links!
This is a page all about Monica and Chandler from friends. It really is a great page!
This is a direct link to the endless love fanfiction page. Mine is on there under Emily!
This is a link to the complete Friends script index. It sounds weird but if you miss episodes or just want to read some you've never seen it's pretty easy to just go there and read.
This is my good friend Shannon's page!
This is the page of my fav. clothing store.
This is the page of one my my favorite magazines!
I like this magazine too!
This another one of Amber's pages. It's not to be taken all that seriously.
This is Edwards page, we went to grade school together. Since he probably won't see this page I can say his is pretty good. But that's it. (j/k)
This is good friend Monica's petz page. This one is really cute!
This is Amber and my Friends fanfic page! It's dedicated to the ones we wrote, so go and enjoy!
This is Shannon's other page, it's brand new!
This is my Wilson School Alumni page. Go Wilson!