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NOTAM...........UBX selling 100 Octane Low Lead Fuel at $1.849 as of August 26, 2000.......Airport now attended every day except Tuesday....Major Credit Cards now me for hours and other information........

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Learn to Fly!!

My name is Jim Smith (Avee8r) and my wifes name is Leann.  I am 31 years old and my wife is 28.  We live in Cuba Missouri which is located about 80 miles SW of St.Louis Missouri on I-44 in Crawford County.   We love aviation and try to get involved in it by flying, going to airshows, going to fly-ins, ect.   I have been involved in aviation as a favorite pastime for about Ten years now.  Our local airport facility is Cuba, MO (UBX) .  That is where we base our 1964 Cessna 182 Skylane that we co-own with another local resident.  If you are an aviator (avee8r) or not, send us a note.  If your someone wanting to learn more about flying and and have some questions, don't hesitate contacting us.   Please stop by and say Hi in our guestbook. I need the entries!


CLICK HERE......Friends and family may send text mail directly to my cell phone.

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A link to a good friend of mine, Missouri State Trooper 561.

Click for Cuba, Missouri Forecast



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