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Director Ted Phillips
C.P.T.R. Special Projects
     I returned after several weeks of on site research into what may be a very old artifact of substantial interest.

This special project is identified as Project 44.
     A great deal was accomplished, and the project continues.

     The on going series of sightings in Missouri continues and has actually increased during July. More video tape has been acquired and a possible physical trace landing site found. Stills from the videos and details of the observations will be posted shortly, as will the trace event and analysis results as received.

     While in eastern Europe I obtained details on two physical trace landing cases which will be posted ASAP.

     My primary work in the near future revolves around three major projects:

#1     The final report on the Delphos, Kansas landing event

#2     The on going research into the Missouri sightings

#3     Project 44

     Any or all of these projects could present us with very high quality data, and perhaps even solid evidence, rather than just more sightings. It is to this end that these projects continue.

     On July 21, 1999 this possible landing site was found. 

     The property owner contacted me that afternoon and I conducted the on site investigation that evening. The caretaker of the property had gone outside around midnight to check on the farm dogs as they were barking and excited about something. He saw a large white light (it would have been 100 feet from the site found the next day) hovering, watched it for several minutes and retired. The next day, while taking a cow through a fenced "alley" located between two large fields of combined fescue, the property owner and caretaker walked up on the circular site. The "alley" is 13.25 feet wide and is gated at each end, no animals or vehicles could enter this area. The fescue around the site is an average of 40 inches high. The site is 9 feet in diameter, the fescue is swirled clockwise in a very tight pattern with the central area appearing slight raised but still swirled.
     Samples were taken of the site soil and plants and control plant and soil samples were taken to a distance of 250 feet from the site. This material is on its way to two laboratories for analysis. Any additional data will be posted as received.

     This is a better close up of the swirling pattern.

An Older Special Assignment Update

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