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Mission Statement
Center for Physical Trace Research
Ted Phillips, Director
C.P.T.R. Mission Statement
The Center for Physical Trace Research was established June 1, 1998 by Ted Phillips to provide a central repository for the receipt, study, and distribution of UFO landing events involving physical residue. Phillips has worked on hundreds of such cases since 1969 with the late Dr. J. Allen Hynek and the Center for UFO Studies, as well as with Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network, Incorporated, MUFON.

There is a need for responding quickly to the better cases, a need for utilizing the best equipment and methods, for bringing data together, and for analyzing the reports and their resulting physical evidence.

MUFON, CUFOS, and FUFOR are cooperating with this project, and MUFON field investigators are asked to cooperate fully in getting appropriate reports to Phillips quickly.

All data will be entered into a computer database and made available at the web site which will be linked to CUFOS, MUFON, and NICAP. The data will be updated to the web site as received and processed. data on high strangeness reports will be posted first as one or two line summaries. Links will be provided for each case which can then be displayed in full report form with sketches and photographs. statistical studies will be posted as data is compiled. Analysis of landing residue will be aggressively pursued on a priority basis when gathered or received. All data will be made available including case reports, follow-up, and analysis results.

The project will take advantage of today's technology unlike the 1960ís and 70ís we now have the ability to communicate at incredible speed. Using email as a link the Center would be in a position to receive new cases almost as they happen. In the high strangeness cases on site investigation is time critical and full, on-site investigation will be done. The project has no interest in taking cases away from local researchers, our only interest is in obtaining data and residue using the proper methods necessary for research and analysis. The project would work at a distance or on site depending on the wishes of the local investigators. I repeat....our only concern is to gather and research the data and make it available to anyone interested.

This is a Project that we can all participate in and learn from. It is a project that can yield results as physical traces remain after the observation. They can be documented, studied and subjected to scientific analysis. After 30 years of trace research I can assure all involved we can move ahead and at the very least preserve the data for that point in the future when it will be seriously considered.

I would invite any serious research anywhere on the planet to participate in this project. Your input is critical no matter if it is in the form of comments, suggestions, or as an electronic link to bring the data together. 
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