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Physical Trace Cases
Center for Physical Trace Research

"Research into a number of recent events is underway currently. These cases will be updated as data is received."
Ted R. Phillips, March 9, 1999

Cases In Progress
March 1, 1999, Knutsford, England: Witnesses claimed to have seen unusual lights which moved near the ground. Traces were reported in the form of tree damage & scorched areas. An email from Philip Mantle yesterday informs us the event was a hoax.

December 19, 1998, Stra, Italy: A truck driver, Giuseppe L., was awakened by a roaring noise. He saw a bright object with several “windows” & a brilliant glow underneath, which was about to land. The object was over 30 feet in length. The witness saw two beings, three feet tall, walking near the object. They were dressed in gray overalls & moved with a mechanical motion. The witness was less than 100 feet from the object & after thirty minutes the beings went into the object which ascended. A circular mark was found on the ground with holes in an equilateral triangle, 13.5 feet on each side. A glassy material was found. I received email from Maurizio Verga on February 23rd indicating he was expecting information on the case shortly. An email from Edoardo Russo indicating that the site may have been disturbed early on & that the “glassy” material was sent to a non-scientific group for analysis. More on this event as received.

Missouri sightings, December 15, 1998: - on-going sightings, the latest on March 4, 1999: CPTR is currently investigating a series of events which began in December & continues currently. There are some 30 witnesses to date & video images have been obtained. The witnesses contacted CPTR, through MUFON, & wish no publicity. They have not discussed the events beyond their immediate neighbors for fear of ridicule & media attention. I can only report at this time that the sightings involve highly credible individuals who are cooperating with CPTR & that the sightings are taking place in southern Missouri. This is becoming a rather complicated situation due to the numerous observations confirmed by video & in at least one case, possible physical traces. The following is a very brief summary of events & will be presented in much greater detail as the report is more complete.

December 15, 1998: 1900 CST, Witnesses R.T. ( A bank V.P. ) & his wife have a large cattle ranch located several miles east of their home. They were driving their truck to the farm along FR33-, they describe the event: “J. & I were driving to our farm to check the cattle, we were on County Road 33-, right before the Terry L. home when I viewed a large, lit, stationary object above a high hill behind the L. home. I quickly alerted my wife, causing her to see the object also.

I drove approximately another 100 yards, just past the L. home, & stopped. When I stopped the object immediately disappeared. The best was of describing the object is that it was a tank-like form with at least three orange colored lights about midway.
These lights were running horizontally across the side of the object. It is possible that other smaller lights were above & below the larger lights. The object produced no sound & then suddenly vanished. Also, no movement was detected as it “hovered” above the tree line on the hill.”

The witnesses had additional comments on the 12/15/98 event: “Three distinct orange lights across mid-section ( no blinking, not overly bright, just distinctly orange. Box or tank-shaped object. No movement, no sound. Numerous small lights clustered around three orange lights, white in color. Top & bottom of object maybe a little more rounded.
( View Sketch ) Color of object not visible.”

The object was less than 200 feet from the L. house, hovering over a tree covered hill across a creek from the house. The L. family reported that just after 1900 ( after R & J had continued to the farm) they were alerted by the farm dogs barking, ran outside to see the farm animals ( goats & sheep ) running in panic down the hill above which the object had been seen. The dogs were reacting with panic also, The L. family did not see an object that night but did on evenings following.

R & J “continued our drive to the gate of the farm & as we sat in the truck at the gate, J yelled, ‘there it is again.’ The object was again stationary without sound in front of & above our cabin ( located 0.3 mile from the gate at a bearing of 20 degrees on top of a very high hill ). When we began driving toward the cabin it again vanished. We then drove to my barn to get feed & again saw the large object hovering above the far distant northeast timber horizon. The object appeared to be very large, tank-like in shape & with the same orange lights around its mid-section. It also appeared to be moving very slowly eastward until it suddenly vanished. Shortly after the object disappeared, two large orange lights came into view--to the right of where the object had previously been. these two lights grew larger in dimension & then disappeared with no sound. After seeing this, J. called T. & K. ( son & daughter ) who then came to the farm also.

Nothing was seen for the next forty-five minutes. While I was sitting in the cabin I heard them call for me. When I arrived at the car where they were sitting, they told me what they had seen.

While gazing eastward. they all ( J., T. & K. ) saw a ghostly glowing light coming up the hill from the creek in the direction of where they were sitting. They equated the glow to that of vehicular headlights coming up from the creek, however, neither beam or source of light was seen-only its glow. In essence, the glow appeared as vehicle headlights which had not topped the hill, yet the glow of approaching headlights was seen preceding headlights. ( On my first visit to the area on January 10, 1999 we checked the area where the glow was observed. There is a rough & very small dirt lane used to drive to the cattle going down the hill into an extremely rugged area. there is no access to this area by vehicles without passing the cabin where the witnesses were sitting & the gate to the farm is always locked.
Based on their description he glow was within 150 feet of the witnesses at the close point.
Nothing exists in this area to generate a glow or light of any kind. )

About thirty minutes later, I, ( R ) along with the three saw the same beam or glow moving east across the open field from which they had originally seen the light. It appeared as a faint spotlight searching the field, but the light had no bright source. Also, there were no vehicles in the vicinity & no sound was heard. ( from the cabin area, located atop a very high hill, one can see great distances around the area below. The field is located 600 feet from the cabin with a width of 400 feet & is clearly visible from there. There are no roads in that area & an automobile would have been clearly visible. It should be noted that the area is quite isolated & extremely quiet, the slightest sound would be easily heard. )

At approximately 2045, while driving home, we approached the L. home. Illuminated by his porch light, TL stood in his yard with rifle in hand. We stopped & he told us that his dogs had been barking so he came out to see what had them riled up. his goats. sheep, & large guard dogs who usually spent the night on the high hill where we first viewed the hovering object had come off the hill & were gathered around the house. According to T., the animals were very restless.”

December 16, 1998: “At 1845,I arrived at the entrance gate to my farm. I shut off my engine & as I began to exit the truck to unlock the gate I saw a large bright light appear above the northeast horizon. as I stared, six more lights emerged in a horizontal line to make a total of seven lights. All seven were fully radiant for five to eight seconds. Then, in no certain succession, they began to “squeeze” out. I immediately phoned T. ( son ) & he came to the farm.

After T. & I sat about twenty minutes watching the northeast, we saw a large orange light appear. The field beneath the object seemed to have a faint spotlight glow moving around over the field. About fifteen seconds later, a second orange light appeared, & as we were both watching it, a small silver object seemed to exit the orange object & began moving southeastward. We both viewed the silver object as it flew out of sight. The same spotlight effect appeared over the field while the light was seen. Over the next forty-five minutes, three orange lights appeared, however, no spotlight effect or satellite objects exiting them were seen. No further lights were seen & we left for home at 8:15.”

December 17, 1998: “A group of friends & neighbors gathered at the farm, a total of eight people.
After watching the sky for about thirty minutes, all in attendance began watching what appeared to be a satellite moving from south to northeast at a very fast rate.

January 16, 1999: additional sightings by four witnesses in the area, video taken.

January 17, 1999: additional sightings of orange globes near the ground, one brilliant display, video of object on or near ground.

January 22, 1999: possible physical trace event, three witnesses.

January 26, 1999: two witnesses, hovering amber colored object, seen for 45 seconds.

January 30, 1999: two witnesses, lighted object, glowing, spinning horizontally, witness moved to within 100 feet.

March 1, 1999: two witnesses observed eight amber lights in a slanted vertical display, another object hovering, moved horizontally at very high speed, stopped, ascended vertically out of sight.

March 3, 1999: Ted Phillips along with 4 others (3 in different locations ) observed a display of five oval lights over a field to the north and a field to the east, video obtained.

March 9, 1999: three witnesses, three lights seen.

March 11, 1999: five witnesses watched eight of the lights over a period of twenty minutes. Video obtained.

4 Active Links To Larger Video Caps

After viewing the object for ten to fifteen seconds it made an immediate hairpin “U-turn” & after about five seconds, a large bright orange glow appeared exactly where the satellite was located. When the orange glow got its brightest, a very small object, appearing as a smaller satellite, moved out of the orange glow & traveled out of sight toward the south.

Throughout the next thirty to forty minutes, a total of sixteen orange lights were observed. Ten lights in a continual succession were seen lighting up a perfect horizontal line across the northeastern sky. these lights were followed a few minutes later by three lights in a “spaced-apart”, somewhat vertical arrangement.

Nathan videotaped some of the ten lights as they lit up across the sky.”
( CPTR has this video, & others, taken in January & March, 1999. Video Clips will be posted in the very near future. )

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