Christmas in the Park
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Christmas in the Park

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Seasons greetings and welcome to "Christmas in the Park"! Climb aboard our horse drawn carriage and we will take you on a ride through the park. Bundle up because it can get cold this time of year in this part of the country!

Our first visit is with the Angels announcing the birth of Jesus and the East Star shining bright to light the way for the 3 Wise men seeking Jesus.

We have found the site of the birth of Jesus and see that it is a glorious occassion! The 3 Wise men have found their way to the manager to see the Christ child!

Our next visit is to "Candyland" where the houses are made of candy and everything delicious! And the wooden soldiers are standing guard over the houses to keep the munchkins from coming and eating the houses!

Now we come to the "Carolers Lane" where songs are sung in rejoicing the birth of Christ and the joy of the season of Christmas!

Here we find that Santa knows the true meaning of the holiday season and has found the manger and is praying to the Christ Child!

Oh-here we are at the North Pole and Santa's Workshop! Wonder what the elves are busy making this year for all the good little boys and girls! Santa is checking his list and Rudolph is ready to go with his nose shining to light the way!

And now, Santa is ready to make his deliveries and doesn't know whether to take his sleigh or his modern jet to make the deliveries!

Look at all the presents already under this tree! Someone must have been exceptionally good and is even getting a Christmas puppy!

Here we are at the Christmas Village! Time to do some last minute shopping for whatever you need! There is also a cafe to get something warm to drink to warm you up!

What would Christmas in the park be without Frosty and the snowmen, some fun sledding and having snowball fights? Let's have some fun and enjoy the snow!

We have completed our tour at this time. Time to get ready for the Christmas celebration. Thank you for your visit and time spent with us! Hoping you have a very Merry Christmas filled with love and happiness!

Our family attends Christmas Eve services. Don't forget to put "CHRIST" in your Christmas this year!

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