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Welcome to my page!

This page is best viewed around the 800-1000 pixels resolution.

I've now added a page with links to interesting foreign web pages!

Updated 10/6 The big pic I used to have here has now been moved to my showcase page.

Well, this page is still undergoing some new editing and stuff like that, so you'll have to bear with me.
Right now, I'll be showcasing a few things I've done in Photoshop in some places, but there's some stuff here for everyone.

Who is this crazy guy on the web scene?!? Click here to find out!

This is now my Page Of Osbornian Theories...
Or, if you'd rather just read some pearls of wisdom that have slipped out of my mouth over the years...

Visit my links page, you'll find something you like (click Homer)-->Links Galore!

Planescape: Torment
This is a game that I'm really excited about, and their webpage is gorgeous as well.

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This site will pay you to let them send you e-mail advertisements!

...And this will pay you to browse the web, they just need you to download their program to use while doing so...


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Email: The Great, Red-Bearded Osborne
Or, you could ICQ me at: 10180469
Or, if you're the daring type, my AIM screen name is: Ramirhez

This page is updated approximately "whenever possible."