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The Voltron Force
[. Captian Keith .-. Lance .-. Hunk .-. Princess Allura .-. Pidge .]
Arus Castle Control
[. Coran .-. Nanny .-. King Alfor .-. The Space Mice .]

The Voltron Force

[. Captian Keith .-. Lance .-. Hunk .-. Princess Allura .-. Pidge .]

Keith: Black Lion


Go-Lion Name: Kogane Akira

Occupation: Commander of Voltron Force, Pilot of Black Lion

Age: 16

Height: 5'9

Spouse: None

Sons/Daughters: None known

Description: Black shoulder length hair, dark brown eyes, usually dresses in red suit

Goals: To make the universe safe, to get rid of Zakon and Lotor, possibly to gain Princess Allura's love

Jessie: "Keith seems to be the most collected of the small bunch. Always calm in the worst of situations, and intelligent and quick to act. He is from Earth and has a "thing" for Princess Allura. Keith and Lotor don't get along too well either. The two are always getting into duels about something. Keith is also the most stotic of the team. To him, everything is duty, duty, duty."

Hunk:  Yellow Lion


Go-lion Name: Seidou Tsuyoshi

Occupation: Pilot of Yellow Lion

Age: 18

Height: 6'2

Spouse: None

Sons/Daughters: None known

Description: Big guy (we're talking BIG here), short black hair, wears yellow headband, dresses in orange usually

Goals: To get rid of Lotor and pay him back for ruining his "big moment with the Princess"

Jessie: "He is the biggest and the strongest of the team. Hunk has a bad habit of rushing into things before he thinks, exspecially when Lotor's involved. Pidge is his best friend, and he often cares for him like a father. Hunk is also something of a mechanical genuis and absolutely adores kids."

Allura: Blue Lion and Princess of Planet Arus


Go-Lion Name: Faara Hime
Hime = Princess

Occupation: Princess of Planet Arus, pilot of Blue Lion

Age: 16

Height: 5'7

Spouse: None

Sons/Daughters: None

Description: Long blonde hair, blue eyes, usually dresses in pink

Goals: To stop the war and fighting, to convince the others that she can defend herself

Jessie: "She loves music, art, and dancing. Allura is kind hearted and loves her people dearly. She is a wise and fair ruler that is loved by everyone including the Prince of Doom. The Princess' best friends are the space mice which live within the castle walls. Her father, King Alfor, was the creator of Voltron. He was killed by Zarkon in a sword battle at the Valley of Zohar."

Lance: Red Lion


Go-Lion Name: Kurogane Isamu

Occupation: Second in Command on Voltron Force, pilot of Red Lion

Age: 17

Height: 5'7

Spouse: None

Sons/Daughters: None

Description: Tall, short sandy brown hair, brown eyes, usually wears a brown leather jacket

Goals: To defeat Doom, to get rid of Lotor and pay him back for all he did

Jessie: "Lance is the second of the team. He is arrogant and thinks himself to be a true ladies man. Lance is very protective of the princess and has a large grude against the Prince of Doom for many obvious reasons. Lance is the hot-head of the small bunch. Lance is also the jokester. No question about it -- Lance is the liveliest of the team."

Pidge: Green Lion


Go-Lion Name: Suzuishi Hiroshi

Occupation: Pilot of Green Lion

Age: 12

Height: 4'8

Spouse: None

Sons/Daughters: None

Description: Very short, dark brown hair (short), wears green, green headband, glasses.

Goals: To rid the universe of the Doom Empire, to become a citizen of Arus

Jessie: "Pidge is the smallest of the team and pilot of Green Lion. He is an excellent gymnist and hates the Doomies. Hunk is his best friend, as well as the Space Mice (whom he hated at first since they were always stealing his food and the like). Pidge's planet was destroyed by Doom, so he is now a true citizen of Planet Arus, courtesy of Princess Allura. Also, his brother Chip is a member of the Vehicle Voltron Force. Pidge, like Hunk, is also a technical genius."

Arus Castle Control

[. Coran .-. Nanny .-. King Alfor .-. The Space Mice .]

Coran:  Head of Arus Castle Control


Go-Lion Name: Raible

Occupation: Head of Arus Castle Control/Princess Allura's Guardian

Age: 45

Spouse: Name unknown (I'll look into this one)

Sons/Daughters: One son, Garret.

Description: Short brown hair and mustash, brown overcoat. Very stately looking.

Goals: To find his family/Rid the Universe of Zarkon/See Allura settledown and stop flying Blue Lion

Jessie: "Coran is the head of Castle Control. He is Allura's guardian and is overly protective of her. At times he can even be bossy. Coran is the only other survivng member of the royal court besides the Princess. Once, Doom came up with the plot to use an android to get rid of Voltron. This android was made to look and sound exactually like Coran's lost son, Garret. Doom really did their research on that one. Garret poisoned Coran and nearly succeded in beating Voltron, but Coran got to the Control Room and dissposed of him before he could finish the job."

Nanny:  Allura's Caretaker


Go-Lion Name: Hishuu

Occupation: Royal Governess

Age: 42-45

Spouse: None

Sons/Daughters: None

Description: Light brown hair, slightly overweight. Looking every bit the nanny.

Goals: To see the Princess settledown.

Jessie: "Nanny is well...Allura's nanny and care taker. She took care of her when she was a little girl. Nanny is very overprotective and wants to see Allura settle down as soon as possible. Neither Nanny nor Coran want the Princess flying Blue Lion."

King Alfor:  former ruler of Arus

King Alfor

Occupation: Former King of Arus

Age: Deceased

Spouse: (I can't recall whether her name was ever mentioned)

Sons/Daughters: Princess Allura

Description: Looks to be fairly tall, long brown hair and beard/mustache . . . transparent. Can't miss 'em.

Goals: Protect his planet, daughter, and the universe from beyond the grave.

Jessie: "Talk about one pesky ghost. If there's something that Voltron can't possibly get out of, old Alfor shows up and finds a way. If only he would just stay dead. Ah, King Alfor was killed by King Zarkon too."

Space Mice:  Allura's Best Friends

Space Mice

Jessie: "The Space Mice are the Princess' best friends. They've lived in the castle walls for many years and know many secrets. They were the ones who found the key to the Black Lion. They hate Haggar's cat and now have their own Mouse Force to fight him with. When ever the Princess is down, the mice always try to cheer her up with odd antics. Also, two of the mice's names are known: Chedder and Chitter, both the larger mice, or the parents of the younger ones. Annoying little creatures."

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