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More Poems

The Grave-Part 1

Back from the grave,
I've seen death,
As a child
As a young man
As now
As I will
When I must die.
No my friend...
I am not afraid
My time will come
As with all things,
Nothing is immortal.
Not even our dreams,
They too eventually die
as the people who have dreamt them

The Grave-Part 2

I am not afriad
Nor should you.
For I'm curious as to what will happen
to me after I die
What will the after life be like?
Will it be a Hell?
Will it be a Haven?
Or will it be a sweet oblious sleep?
Or even we just cease to exist.
Either way I am not afraid
and never will be.
For I have seen the face of death
Many.... many times...
and his expression is always that of...

Life-After Death

I don't wish to know what will come
For me that is what brings
out the excitement of life.
It's the grand mystery.
To know would be a....
It would spoil the joys life has to bring,
ruin the happyness of this world...
TO know what will come when,
death takes your hand
and plants you on a new path
would utterly destroy the people of this world.
So my friend,
tell not us mortals
what comes after.
We will know
when it is time for us to die.
Keep you secrets and mysteries
to yourself we don't want them.
No matter how the foolish may try to take them.
Just keep them
My friend...


to break these chains
The chains that bind.
These chains which hold
all humanity....
We formed these chins,
link by link by link...
Now we wish to be free.
Yet we don't know how
to break these chains
we lost the secret
in forming these chains.
These chains of reality!

A poem to Sandra

Another lamb is lost,
A soul is freed.
It's chains shattered,
by the coils that bind all.
The bonemans hand,
whisking away mortal pain.
The shell left behind,
giving a new glorious rise.
A scourge across the undeparted,
leaving a great burning rift in its wake.
Their only comfort,
That they shall all be reunited.
At the great gates of,