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The Poem Of My Life


My pain is one of my mind
I struggle, to survive.
The Chaos and understand...
It hurts to think, To bring together,
the chain of action of,
My salvation for
The one I love,
I yearn to hear her
For that broken promise
that gives me the will,
to survive...
I hunger..
To see her face,
hidden in the shadows.
To breath her sent,
that escapes my grasp.
I desire..
Her beauty,
forever out of my sight.
Her Knowledge,
of our future.
She gives me...
...and hope for a metter tomarrow...
...for a clearness in my mind...
To fight my own inner...
The steel to drive away,
my inner pain.
a pain that eats away my mind,
tears my thoughs..
into ribbons of entropy.
Buries Me...
in my own subconsious.
Holds my mind captive,
For it's own tortured pleasures...
I feel their presence,
deep within,
Their insanity into me.
Feeding from my soul..
until nothings left but a husk...
I need the power,
of her touch.
To fight the cold...
To destroy the darkness...
To fight the daemons.
To live to see my dreams,
come true.
Will I forever..
hear their laughter?..
Be free of the cold,
That threatens to freeze me,
Into its clutches of dispair.
Will I remember?
Will I return...
from this darkness?
I wish these scars would heal
These, That no one sees.
Why? I do not know...
They are there for all to see..
If they want to see...
I call out,
Hunting for myself,
Lost in a wilderness,
Of my own creation,
Looking for help.
Does anyone hear?
Am I beyond...
To whom can I...
My Savior
Upon her pale horse,
Her hot breath...
breathing down my neck
I dive deaper,
into the blackness
of dispair...
I plumet,
down into the bottomless pit of insanity.
onto life
by a spiders thread
of hope.
The scars
of her nails,
burning through my flesh,
digging into my brain,
Tearing the last vestiges of my soul
from it's mortal bonds...
No escape for me now,
he gentle hands...
Have become,
The Iron Grip of Death!!!
Her caress...
Now a choking hold about my neck
There is no hope...
no purpose....
no life!!
for me now.
For I shall die,
Yet... In death
I will have victory!
I shall escape the prision of my mind,
A light appears... it...
She holds the key,
to my prision,
within her grasp
With it...
My Sanity!
Her laughter...
Sweet music
Will she unlock the door,
to my imprisioned mind?
Or will she leave me once more?
I am alone,
Life takes hold,
and twists!
I need release!
A new face,
From the mists.
Strong, regal, beautiful...
I want her.
I need her.
I love her.
Is she forbidden?
Will she leave..
My only thought...
To love or...